Pricing Sheet

Estimated Weekly Pricing for (insert Company name).

Service RequestedHourly RateHoursWeekly Total
Service Schedule:
1 Guard/7 days per week/56 HPW
Monday-Friday 10pm-6am
Saturday-Sunday 11pm-71m

Dedicated Service Personnel
  • Operations Manage
  • 24 Hour Dispatch Center
  • Regional Field Supervisor
Service Level
  • Unarmed Guard Service
  • Patrol Service
  • Black Tactical Polo
  • Suit/ Blazer
  • Plain Clothes
  • Oher
  • Direct Track
  • Company Phone
  • Trespassing Signs
Pricing Note:

Its is agree upon that all unscheduled hours (if not notified within seven days) will be billed to the client at 150% of the agreed upon rate. Furthermore all holiday hours will be billed at 150% of the agreed upon rate.

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