California Security

Auto Dealership Security Services in California

As an owner of a car dealership, you are dealing with high-value inventory that can be damaged or stolen which can have a tremendous negative impact on your business. An auto dealership is a world of opportunities for an experienced car thief unless there is proper security. Stealing a car might sound like a difficult task for an ordinary person. However, for an experienced thief, stealing a vehicle from an unsecured auto dealer is like stealing candy from a grocery store. Auto dealerships should seek professional assistance to prevent such costly incidents. Implementing specialized security guard services for an auto dealership can help prevent such theft and vandalism.

Aside from stealing an entire car unit, some thieves target auto parts such as side mirrors, lights, wheel covers, or other valuable auto parts. To steal a couple of these parts, an experienced thief can take less than a minute. Although CCTV security systems and other security measures can come in handy, having a trained security guard (or guards) is compulsory to prevent theft entirely.

Direct Guards professionally trained security guards who work for auto dealerships can become an asset and help in emergencies as well. Our team of security guards is trained to handle emergencies such as fire, accidents, and other threats and get in contact with respective local authorities for help. In addition to that, security guards can assist visitors (potential customers) when they are shopping around for a car.

Keep your auto dealer protected and secure with Direct Guard. Our attention to detail, effective training programs and 24/7 response time distinguishes us from our competitors. Selecting Direct Guard Security is the right choice for the safety of your property and personnel. We are professionals in dealing with your security concerns.

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