Waterfront Protection

Docks and Marina Security Services

Marinas have millions of dollars worth of property. People anchor their yachts, boats, water scooters, and other such water vehicles. Poorly protected marinas are easy targets for criminals, which can put the property at risk. Marinas are also a hotbed for criminal activities like assault, drug dealing, etc. At Direct Guard Services, we believe that marinas need physical protection from a professional security guard company. Our well-trained dock and marina security guards will prevent unauthorized access and keep yachts and small boats in your marina safe, providing you peace of mind. Direct Guard Security offers both armed and unarmed security guards as well as drive-by mobile security patrols to monitor lots 24/7.

Importance of Docks and Marina Security

Boats are Expensive

Boats can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, while larger yachts can get up into the millions. You can’t let boats or yachts sit unprotected in the water. Instead, hire a security guard to keep an eye on the marina 24/7.

Give Owners Peace of Mind

As a marina operator, let your clients know their vessels are in good hands by hiring a security guard to watch out for them. You may even get more clients by advertising the fact that your marina is under constant surveillance by Direct Guard Security!

Marinas are Large

With so many boats and so many acres to patrol, security cameras alone won’t cut it for large marinas. The best way to ensure all of the boats are safe is to hire a few security guards to roam around the property.

Fires May Break Out

Any time there’s gasoline present, there’s a chance for afire. If a fire does start at your marina, a security guard can call 911 and get the fire department out as soon as possible to extinguish the flames.

Boat Damage isn’t Uncommon

A few big waves rolling through could cause quite a bit of boat damage, which is obviously an issue. Though a security guard can’t stop the damage from occurring, he or she can call someone to handle the situation before the problem gets any worse.

Keep your dock and marina protected and secure with Direct Guard. Our dock and marina security guards provide unsurpassed security services by showcasing premium customer service and vigilant security guard services. Our attention to detail, effective training programs and 24/7 response time distinguishes us from our competitors. Selecting Direct Guard Security is the right choice for the safety of your property and personnel. We are professionals in dealing with your security concerns.

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