Home Owners Association Security

Home Owners Association Security Guard Services in California:

HOA security is not the same in every community that is why at Direct Guard Services we customize our security details to your current needs and you may change them as time goes by if new changes are needed. The main purpose of a gated residential community is to provide higher privacy, security, and exclusivity to its residents. Most gated communities are similar to private clubs; most need access privileges to enter the property, but unfortunately, this does not keep all possible criminal activities out of these closed communities. Direct Guard security officers maintain a highly visible security presence to deter criminal activities in the area. Gated communities do not claim to be able to prevent all crimes.

Direct Guard Security understands that gated communities are desirable to many prospective residents. Our security officers are trained and licensed and meet all requirements of the State of California for private security officers, and authorization to work in the United States. Today, HOA security not only deals with violence and crime but also maintaining and regulating the HOA’s rules, including locking /unlocking amenities and parking enforcement.

Direct Guard places great emphasis on how an officer looks and how they conduct themselves. Our security officers present a clean, crisp image and conduct themselves with pride, outstanding customer service,  and a professional image while being highly visible. At Direct Guard, we believe it to be an outstanding deterrent to those who may pose problems for our clients. Our security services officers have the highest grooming standards and look very professional.

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Home Owners Association Security Guard Services in California