Direct Guard Services has grown to become one of Southern California’s most dependable and reliable security guard companies. Our approach is transparent; we customize our security guard services to ensure that each client’s goals and objectives are met on a daily basis. Direct Guard’s personalized security program is delivered with a premium customer service approach. We deliver results that enhance the operations of our clients while providing premium, first-class security guards in Southern California. By selecting Direct Guard, you will receive highly trained individuals who are motivated to act in your best interest. Our management team is devoted to ensuring that you feel valued and respected as a client in need of Security Services.

Over the years, Direct Guard has substantially invested in growing and maintaining our Quality Assured Management practices, and we use these learned efficiencies to amplify our client’s success. Our clients appreciate the ability to contact a live person 24/7 with any questions or concerns they might have, knowing that their needs will be taken care of and addressed immediately, proves Direct Guard to be the Right Choice when it comes to security guard services.

Our security solutions can be tailored to your organization’s needs, and our approach to managing your security is as flexible as your requirements dictate. We have one key goal in mind: to provide you with an all-encompassing security solution that allows your organization to operate efficiently, effectively, safely, and profitably. Our clientele represents a wide variety of specialized services across an extensive range of industry sectors. Despite this diversity, we manage all of our client’s needs with a degree of professionalism that is second to none.

about us

Direct Guard Favicon Values Statement


“Whatever it takes, and then some.”


Establish lasting relationships and exceed expectations.


Foster a culture where our employees are valued.


Continuously strive to achieve excellence at all levels.


Lead by example with leadership as an attitude, not a position.


Work together, sharing knowledge, talents, and skills.


Use good judgment and strive to do what is right.


Embrace the diversity of our employees and clients we work with.

Direct Guard Favicon We are Experts

With a decade of experience, Direct Guard provides what others can only promise. Being unprepared is your biggest liability – let us help your business, hospital, or HOA create a safety and security plan that ensures protection and loss prevention security services. Our core values set us apart from our competitors and align us with our employees and customers.


1. Exceptional Customer Service

It’s our bottom line! We take the utmost pride in our unmatched servicing approach and are committed to providing professional and responsive customer service. 24/7 state of the art live Dispatch available to each and every client.

2. Company Culture

We’re passionate about security services and so are the people we hire. Direct Guard has proudly created an exciting and rewarding employee culture based on long-term goals, incentive-based compensation, rich benefit programs, and flexible scheduling.

3. Respect for Others

We respect our clients, employees, and vendors. Direct Guard sincerely values the unique perspectives each person brings to our organization. Our diversity matched with our ability to best fit specific employees with unique sites truly sets us apart.

4. Humility

We realize no company is perfect. But as your partner, we will not quit until we have become more knowledgeable, improved your security program, and in effect improved our service to you.

5. Consistency

Each time we place a security officer, we guarantee they’ve participated in our intensive training program. It is equally important to recognize that we have comprehensively discussed and understood the unique expectations of each individual site. We consistently provide highly trained and professional security guards to prestigious regional businesses.

6. Partnerships & Opportunities

Direct Guard looks to create long term partnerships in safety and security services. We truly look forward to sharing moments in the lives of our employees and clients.

7. Best People

Our extensive background checks, drug testing, and intuitive interview process ensure we’re hiring the best and brightest people in the security industry. We also offer the most lucrative incentives to attract and retain the best security guards. Simply put, we realize we have become the best security firm by having the best employees leading the way.

8. Passion and Determination

We firmly believe if you’re passionate about what you do, it becomes a career and not a job. Our employees see your organization through the “owner’s eyes” and it shows in their performance and their attitude.

9. Responsiveness

Locally owned and operated makes a significant difference in account responsiveness. Our team is adaptable and deftly responds to our clients’ needs. Yes, Direct Guard proudly serves many clients throughout Southern California, but we take further pride in making you feel as if you are our only one!

10. Results Driven

Results-oriented approach and professional yet friendly staff are what sets Direct Guard apart from our competitors.

 Direct Guard Favicon Why Choose Us

Building an award-winning experience, exceptional training, and innovation, Direct Guard is the smart choice when looking for a dedicated security partner. We take the time to understand the challenges you face and we design a customized safety and security program to address your security requirements, including those you may not have even considered.

Professional Management:

Direct Guard’s management is based on a competent approach in administering our organization.

Latest Security Technology:

Direct Guard uses a state of the art- integrated guard management system that makes security officers more accountable while keeping our clients protected. This security reporting system was developed for monitoring, reporting, and managing our client’s security needs in real-time.

Strict Employee Regulations:

Ridged screening and background check process plus random drug testing, employment is offered to qualifying candidates who meet Direct Guards employment qualifications.

Updated Policies and Procedures:

Maintenance and review of Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency Manuals, to Workplace Health and Safety Policies.

Dedicated Security Officers:

We understand being a security officer requires strong attention to detail, self-motivation, and honesty with a solid work record, which is why we only hire premium guards to be part of our growing team.

No Contract:

Direct Guard offers guard services on a no-hassle “trial basis.”

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Our management is available 24/7 and we are constantly striving to provide the highest quality security solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Premium Customer Service

Direct Guard uniquely designs and implements comprehensive, responsive guard service programs throughout California.

Direct Guard Favicon Direct Guard Difference

Direct Guard believes in a security principle that puts your interests first. Our risk-based approach designs a program customized for your needs, using the latest innovations in technology. We back your program with the world’s most vigilant guard force. Our integrated security solutions help you mitigate risk, reduce costs, and drive compliance.

In an industry that’s saturated with security service providers, Direct Guard recognizes it’s important now more than ever to offer unparalleled customer service, cutting edge technology solutions, and highly trained staff. Here‘s the Direct Guard difference:

Premium Unparalleled Customer Service

We work diligently to create a foundation that meets all expectations through comprehensive services, as well as tailor individual programs to meet the security and protection needs of each client. With a management team available 24/7, we are available to handle client requests immediately.

training and education

Direct Guard Favicon Training and Education

Direct Guards commitment to training goes beyond the norms of the industry. As a company, our focus is to develop our employees to their fullest potential. The security, emergency response, and customer service training is only the start of our training program. Direct Guard recognizes that each and every employee will be a better asset for themselves, the client, and the company when they are trained to reach their fullest potential.

All security officers receive pre-employment instruction on writing and reasoning, verbal judo and crowd control. Testing is administered and security officers must receive passing grades to be considered for employment. A major emphasis is placed on report writing, and candidates must demonstrate skill in completing actual incident reports. This process ensures that the documentation of all incidents is thorough and accurate.

Upon successful completion of the pre-employment instruction- security officers receive training both at the office and on-location by field supervisors using written Post Orders as the primary training tool. All security officers must pass a facility test designed for a client account before working at any location.

  • Classroom Training
  • Role Play
  • Online Training Classes
  • On-Site/ Post Training
  • Refresher Training

“Give us your most difficult security issues and we will provide a solution.”

– Direct Guard