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Direct Guard Services is an independent private security company based in Ontario. It provides bespoke, proactive, and preventive security solutions at highly competitive rates to assets, facilities, and people who face threats and risks to their wealth and assets and want to avoid any unwanted activities or prevent trespassing.

As a tried-and-true security guard agency, Direct Guard Services is supported by a team with extensive executive protection experience. This team has excellent command over on-site operations and knowledge of and experience implementing cutting-edge technology. All of this is done to ensure that our clients are completely protected.

Direct Guard Services has earned a great reputation for providing exceptional security guards that do their utmost to protect the property and the persons it is tasked to oversee. We rely on trust, secrecy, and proficiency as essential deliverables for every project to assist our clients in maintaining a secure environment for their businesses. We provide a comprehensive, integrated suite of the most effective security services in the industry to bring unprecedented discretion to your organization.

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Direct Guard Services is a leading security firm located at 337 N Vineyard Ave, Suite 400, Ontario, CA 91764. Here, we are actively involved and well-versed in the day-to-day operations, requirements, and concerns regarding the protection of the general public as well as enterprises. Our number one concern will always be the welfare of those around us. We are aware that the level of security that must be maintained must increase proportionately as the complexity of our society grows. Direct Guard Services provides security solutions to various industries, including Property Management, Shopping Malls, Construction, Event Centers, Corporate Offices, and many more. In addition to these services, we also provide security solutions like monitoring via CCTV and parking enforcement.

Any security guard working on your property will have the backing of a devoted and professional team. This assistance will be available to them at any time. Direct Guard Services has established a company support structure that assures every security guard, employee, and customer has access to a company representative who can resolve any issues and concerns instantly. This enables us to effectively manage any problems that may arise. Call Direct Guard Services immediately if you require a security guard’s assistance in Ontario or surrounding areas.

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At Direct Guard Services, we ensure that the right people are recruited, that all of our workers are trained to the greatest possible degree, and that our customers are completely satisfied. This allows us to maintain our high level of service quality.

Why Hiring Security Guard Services is Necessary

Security guards ONTARIO have emerged as a crucial component of effective risk management in our personal and professional lives. The enforcement of a particular regulation, the protection of premises, the monitoring of activities, and the identification of criminal actions are all responsibilities that security guards and their employers share. They are the ones who respond to emergencies first, and because of this, we should put our trust in highly trained professionals with a lot of expertise in protecting people and property.

At Direct Guard Services, we are fully aware of how important it is to have security guards who are both experienced and qualified. As a result, we provide the very finest armed guard services. Our security guards in ONTARIO have amassed a wealth of expertise throughout their careers, allowing them to respond effectively to any urgent scenario that may arise in day-to-day life or during any special occasions, such as cultural events, conferences, trade exhibits, or weddings. When you engage them, therefore, you may have complete peace of mind and the feeling that you are safe and supervised by an expert.

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To begin, our organization emphasizes maintaining a high level of professionalism across the board, from our security personnel to the higher management, as this exemplifies the first principle of our commitment to this value. Every employee in our company is held to the same standard of professionalism that we insist upon for ourselves.

Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service to each member of the general public with whom our personnel comes into contact is exemplified by our adherence to our second guiding principle, which is known as “customer service.” Every engagement one of our employees has with our clients third-party reflects on Direct Guard Services. Because of this, every person hired must communicate with the general public and customers in a manner focused on providing excellent customer service.

The third tenet of our organization is to provide services with a focus on the local community. As a result of our acknowledgment of the tremendous cultural and racial diversity present in our society, the company requires its staff to maintain a respectful and professional demeanor when interacting with people of all backgrounds to prevent discrimination.

Direct Guard Services operates according to these three guiding principles in all facets of its business operations.

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  • Provide first-rate security guard company ONTARIO while adhering to regulations, protecting customers’ privacy, and maintaining a high level of dependability for all security services. This is done with the intention of becoming the one-stop solution for all the needs related to security services worldwide.
  • Ensure our customers always have access to a safe and reliable website, which means that we monitor it nonstop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Maintain our position as industry leaders in today’s cutthroat market by providing our customers with only the best security guards.
  • Defend your property, people, and valuables at any hour of the day or night, whether for the everyday 24/365 security guard requirements, an event with a big budget, or an emergency circumstance.

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We are at the forefront of the industry with first-rate, highly skilled armed guard services as the demand for safety and security continues to grow at an ever-increasing rate. Our workforce comprises professional security guards in ONTARIO who are accessible to fulfill your requirements. At Direct Guard Services, values such as respect, teamwork, dedication, passion, and, most importantly, RESPONSIBILITY are the driving force behind all we do. They form the main principles that guide us in our day-to-day activities.
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