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The city of Fresno is located in California’s San Joaquin Valley. This California city is known for Forestiere Underground Gardens, Fresno Chaffee Zoo, and trails in Woodward Park. The population in Fresno grew from 134,000 in 1960 to 428,000 in 2020. Fresno is considered the fifth- most populous city in California. There has been a dramatic increase in violent crime in the city of Fresno. Like most major cities across the country, Fresno has been experiencing a surge in violent crime. In 2020, police responded to a 71% increase in shootings and a 64% increase in the stabbing. 

With such high numbers in violence, the need for security guard services is at an all-time high! The residents and community members in Fresno need to feel protected and safe, hiring a reputable security guard company Frenso like Direct Guard Services will ensure peace of mind and security to the public. Direct Guard security guards provide a visible deterrent to criminals and professional protection for your assets. Having security guards on-site can significantly deter these crimes from taking place. Direct Guard’s armed guard services Frenso and unarmed guard services Fresno are highly trained to help prevent these crimes from taking place. There are numerous security guard companies, but Direct Guard Services is one of the most trusted companies in Fresno. We provide our clients with custom security plans tailored to their specific needs. Our 24/7 Dispatch Team, dedicated operations team, and professionally trained security guards, have let Direct Guard Services be the number one security guard provider for hotels, residential communities, educational facilities, and businesses across Fresno County.

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Direct Guard Provides Armed and Unarmed Security Guard Services In The Following Fresno County Cities

  • Auberry
  • Big Creek
  • Biola
  • Burrel
  • Cantua Creek
  • Caruthers
  • Clovis
  • Coalinga
  • Del Rey
  • Dunlap
  • Firebaugh
  • Five Points
  • Fowler
  • Fresno
  • Friant
  • Helm
  • Hume
  • Huron
  • Kerman
  • Kingsburg
  • Lakeshore
  • Laton
  • Mendota
  • Miramonte
  • Mono Hot Springs
  • Orange Cove
  • Parlier
  • Piedra
  • Prather
  • Raisin City
  • Reedley
  • Riverdale
  • San Joaquin
  • Sanger
  • Selma
  • Shaver Lake
  • Squaw Valley
  • Tollhouse
  • Tranquillity

We Provide 24/7 Armed and Unarmed Security State Certified, Vigilant, Experienced Security Guards In Fresno County

Direct Guard Services provides reliable and professional security services In Fresno County. We only hire the most qualified and experienced armed and unarmed security guards to serve and protect our clients throughout cities in California. We believe that our most important asset is our staff of security guards and for this, we are always seeking the very best people from the market. To get the best security officers on our team, we offer attractive rates of pay, benefits, and genuine incentive for staff to work and make a career. We always nurture our security guards and give them better opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge so that they may develop a successful career in the security industry. We take the hiring of our security guards very seriously and we have very strict hiring processes that help us ensure that our clients are getting the best security guards to protect

their assets and people. Direct Guard Services follows a fair and square policy of recruitment subject to our Equal Opportunity policy. 

24/7 Availability

We have 24-hours supervision. Our supervisors periodically check the posts and the security officers randomly at your location. 

Trained Security

We take pride in providing the best possible training for our security guards. Our team of security guards meets the standards set by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). 

Latest Equipment

Direct Guard Services stays up to date with the current industry standards and the latest security equipment available to ensure top tier quality services to our clients throughout California. 

Don’t Wait For Crime To Occur- Be Proactive And Hire Security Guards In Fresno County Today!

Suspicious activity can happen at any time during the day or night in Fresno County. Without a professional and experienced security guard company, the risks can cost you a lot of damage. By not having a dedicated armed or unarmed security guard for your facility to observe, monitor, and deter activity, clients will have to depend on the police to provide asset and personnel protection. When an action requires an immediate response, Direct Guard’s security team can diffuse the situation before it gets out of hand. The difference between immediate action and minutes of waiting is huge, costing you time and resulting in liability. Hiring Direct Guard Services not only saves you money but it also saves lives and provides peace of mind. This is often the prime reason why clients consider hiring Direct Guard Services to protect organizations and people in Fresno.

3 Advantages of Hiring Armed Security Guards 

 Armed Guards Have More Training 

Armed security guards receive the same training unarmed guards do, and then they have additional training on top of that for the use of their weapons. They’re tested by their employer, and they have to pass any and all standards set forth by the state in which they’re allowed to work. 

 Armed Guards Receive Deeper Background Checks 

While all security guards receive pre-employment background checks, armed guards need to apply for a permit to carry a weapon. That means they go through both the company’s background check, as well as fingerprinting and investigation from the FBI to make sure they meet all the legal requirements in order to be issued a license to carry a weapon. 

Armed Guards Are An Effective Deterrent 

A physical security presence acts as a deterrent to criminals, however, an armed guard is seen as a bigger risk from a criminal’s perspective. This means that fewer crimes of opportunity are likely to happen, and criminals who are looking for an easy mark will move on a different target. While there are other advantages that armed guards bring to the table, these are three of the most common reasons clients will opt for armed security over unarmed security. If you’d like more information on what armed security guards could do for your business, then simply contact Direct Guard Services today! 

Why Choose Direct Guard Services 

Simply put, at Direct Guard Services, your success is our mission. Direct Guard has been built on integrity, excellent customer-focused support, and professionalism which remain our core values. At Direct Guard, we stand by our principles, place our clients first, tailor each service to meet customers’ needs, and our Security Guards Fresno are exceptionally trained to deal with every job in a qualified manner 24/7

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