The construction industry is mostly a victim of criminal activities including robbery and vandalism. An absence of safety measures inside the construction site is an over-the-top expensive issue. Keeping this conundrum into consideration, the construction sites have to consider their safety efforts. Thus, we have given a variety of measures you can implement to secure a building site against crime. Because of robbery and vandalism along with some other crimes, it is reported that the construction industry loses a few million dollars every year. These expenses include damage repair, plant replacement costs, hire of replacement equipment, loss of business, and increased insurance premiums. According to a survey, around 90% of construction sites suffer from such theft. Additionally, there are around 2 million vandalism acts reported each year. Therefore, the construction industry should be worried about the expense and effect theft and vandalism produces. So, here we shed some light on those areas that require patrol security services, construction site security guards, or other security measures.

Passageway and Exit Points

Without legitimate security set up at each passageway and exit of the building site, anybody can go in and out without your insight. With the help of construction site security guards, we can cover all passageway and exit points and make them more secure.

Material and Machine Storage

Costly materials and significant hefty equipment stockpiling is the primary objective of each criminal, and in this manner quite possibly the most perilous zones on a building site.

Dangerous Chemical Storage

Not inclined to the robbery but rather the wellbeing of the specialists on location can represent a genuine security danger, consequently requires devoted security day in and day out.

Limited Areas

Limited territories on a building site should be recognized and watched so just approved representatives with important preparation to work there are given admittance. Perceiving that crime inside the construction site is a huge issue and there is an extraordinary financial effect that the crime has on the construction sites. At direct guard services, we offer a few services that will help secure a building site, saving you from possibly losing a great deal of time, cash, and business. Cash spent on construction site security guards and the patrol security services is extremely valuable and merits interest in the long haul.

Below, we have advised five different security measures you can consider in order to protect a construction site against crime.


Initially, to limit security chances emerging on the building site you ought to guarantee that every worker is completely responsible and answerable for any gear they may use by keeping and recording a stock of equipment. Additionally, to dodge the danger of taken apparatuses, you could urge representatives to carry their own devices to the building site. Additionally, if employees are held accountable for the use of equipment then it can discourage misconduct of behavior committed by someone who works within the construction site. Responsibility can assist with addressing this issue and forestall any criminal conduct.

Security Patrol Services

Construction sites pose significant security risks and so it is worth considering hiring a security guard company with highly-trained construction site security guards who are registered with the specific authorities. Security guard services can give requirement experts that screen and shield the building site when no one is working. Frequently later and hazier hours represent the best of dangers thus, recruiting a monitored watchman to screen the building site can go about as a hindrance for cheats, and can forestall any unlawful movement at the building sit;, similar to defacing.

Surveillance Cameras

Introducing CCTV can likewise go about as a solid obstacle to anybody considering breaking in. By using CCTV, it won’t possibly record and screen if there are any security issues to know about or dubious conduct. On the off chance that your building site has interfered, at that point, the surveillance cameras record the occurrence and this can be used to report the crime to the police. CCTV proof is vital and successful in the indictment of criminals. Subsequently, the use of CCTV can discourage and prevent criminals from committing criminal acts.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Another safety effort that you might need to consider is putting resources into a remote alert framework. Many criminals will assess a construction site before they intrude on it, and you want to make it as clear and as obvious as possible that the construction site is very secure. If it is obvious that an alert framework is introduced that will set off a misery signal when there is aggravation it makes a quiet and simple interruption hard for criminals thus they will in all likelihood dodge the building site in dread of the problem or most noticeably terrible capture.


To amplify the assurance and security of a building site, it is valuable to show signs requesting your nearby local area to report any dubious movement or hostility to social conduct. Additionally, give a phone number or email address with the goal that your local area can without much of a stretch reach you about any security concerns they have. Working with your nearby local area and engaging for their assistance will encourage individuals to report any dubious conduct, and will likewise concede criminal conduct.

By following these five tips and advice, you will be able to find out if you need a patrol security service for your construction site. If yes, direct guard services can help you find the best patrol security services in San Francisco.

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