Best Armed Security Services in California

In situations where higher levels of security are required, armed guard services may be necessary. Whether at a concert or sporting event, inside an office building, warehouse, or a Dispensary Security, it’s crucial to have security guards who are knowledgeable in various aspects of the private security industry. However, choosing the best security company for your security needs may be difficult as most companies lack knowledge of private security measures. In California, the best choice for armed security guards  is Direct Guard Services.

At Direct Guard, we hold our armed security guards to the highest level of standards. Our armed guards are trained, authorized,  certified by BSIS, and licensed to carry firearms.  Being one of the most experienced and leading security guard companies in California, we understand that armed guards may be faced with potentially dangerous situations and have to make split-second decisions regarding the safety of clients and their personnel. When hiring armed guards, our HR Department ensures all armed guards possess the skill set needed to deal with various individuals and environments in a calm, collective, and professional matter. Prior to starting their first shift, all Armed Security Services are thoroughly trained by a senior supervisor at each location to ensure they understand their role and site-specific responsibilities.

Airport Security

Our armed security guards number one priority is to ensure the safety of your organization at all times. During rare occasions, the use of firearms can prevent or reduce the loss of life and other serious unfortunate misfortune. Direct Guard’s Armed Security Services are trained to perform at the highest level to deter crime and become an asset to your organization.