CCTV Security System – Secure your Premises in California

At Direct Guard Services we believe that no matter how advanced the security system may be, investing in ‘eyes and ears’ is a tried, tested security method. Being one of the leading security guard companies in California, we know that as a business owner and security in charge, your most valuable asset is your stock. We help businesses concentrate on selling. Our security team acts as an extension of your staff, and we keep you informed about the security of your property. Direct Guard Services prides itself in providing around the clock security, and advanced business monitoring services to trusted businesses throughout California.

Direct Guard Services CCTV and alarm monitoring services double the security of your residential, office, and warehousing facilities without doubling the cost. Direct Guard combines expertise leveraged from years of training to their staff to deliver reliable professional and experienced security guards to provide top quality, vigilant protection.

cctv security services in California

Traditional video surveillance systems are only effective after a crime is committed. Direct Guard utilizes a live virtual guard agent to actively watch your camera feeds and assess the situation. If a potential threat is identified, the security agent will attempt to deter the crime through our integrated on-premise audio system and escalate to local law enforcement if needed.