Manufacturing and Industrial Facility Security Guard Services in California

Imagine having to respond to an alarm system that went off at two in the morning, then having to rush down to your industrial site—or losing sleep because you are always worried about the security of your assets in the warehouse. There are concerns involved with not having your factory and its assets protected by security guards. Factories are known to lodge expensive materials and equipment on-site, which may attract thieves and criminals.

Therefore, it is necessary to employ reliable security services to keep your assets and employees safe.

Direct Guard Security aims to offer the best manufacturing & industrial security services you can receive. We provide a high range of security services required for keeping your infrastructures safe and your assets secured while also ensuring the safety of your employees on-site. Our security officers are highly trained and experienced. When required, they are always on-site and always alert. Direct Guard security guards are trained and experienced in handling threats and preventing potential threats. Our security officers are adept in the act of assessing risks as well as managing them appropriately. Some of the advantages you enjoy with our security on the site


24/7 Security Presence

Direct Guard security guards are constantly aware while present on-site. Therefore, you can be sure they make all efforts to maximize the safety of your properties, workers, and assets at all times. They are well-skilled, and trained for quick response in case of crime-related incidents.

Enhanced Emergency Responses

Research shows that 98% of most alarms that go off actually turn out to be false alarms. With Direct Guard security services, you can be sure of immediate response to emergency cases. When your manufacturing facilities’ security alarm sets off, the closest available officers to the site will respond immediately without you having to leave the comfort of your home only to realize it was a false alarm. Also, if the alarms turn out to be true, our security officials are well trained to handle the situation adequately, thereby ensuring the safety of your industrial worksite and assets.

Risk Assessment and Management

Direct Guard security guards are well skilled in the act of risk assessment. They regularly carry out mobile patrol services and are quick in responding to threats and potential risks. We make use of ingenious technologies to ensure a high level of efficiency. Optimum security of your assets and employees, and nothing less is what we aim to provide you when you work with us.

Constant and Comprehensive Reports

You can stay at home enjoying your peace of mind while being confident your facility is secure in our hands as we send you reports in real-time. The reports are very comprehensive as we make use of videos, pictures, and GPS data in transmitting them.

We strive to maximize the security of your assets and prevent losses. We are flexible to be well suited to each client’s needs. Satisfying clients and providing adequate protection is our aim at Direct Guard Security. With us, you can be sure of the very best industrial and specialty security services.

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Manufacturing and Industrial Facility Security Guard Services in California