Mobile Patrol Security in California

At Direct Guard, we employ specially trained security guards with high visibility Mobile Patrol Services that demonstrate a strong visible deterrence on your property. Our patrol vehicles increase the efficiency of our security guards’ time on your property by eliminating the idle time,  covering large areas that are at increased risk of intrusion and security guard fatigue. This will lead to more effective security because our officers will be 100% alert and able to respond at a moment’s notice. Our mobile patrol vehicles services will be present on your property making a visible statement that your facility is protected and safe, providing peace of mind.

Mobile Patrol Services in California

Direct Guard Mobile Patrol Security Services

Direct Guard Services mobile patrol services are the pride of our services offered. Security guards selected to serve as patrol officers are some of the most elite in our company, having completed all training programs, and excelled at every level within our organization.  Candidates for mobile patrol services must possess an exemplary driving record, have demonstrated a commitment to serving our clientele, and had a strict adherence to company policies and procedures during their employment.  Because of the stringent requirements that we demand of our mobile patrol officers, our patrol service clients have quickly learned that we offer something much different and more professional than they have come to expect from the California security guard industry.

All security guards providing mobile patrol services are trained in basic first-aid skills, carry battery jump-start assistance equipment, and can help in many other ways to best serve our clients.  We do everything possible to show our customers how the patrol services which we provide are many steps above those provided by our security services competition, and the pride that each one of us takes in the services provided are evident in everything we do.

  • Highly-Visible Marked & Unmarked Patrol Vehicles
  • Well-Maintained Fleet
  • Radio Dispatched
  • 24-Hour Security Services
  • Thorough and Detailed Patrols Reports 
  • Alarm Response
  • Interior and Exterior Food Patrol of all Properties Requesting Mobile Patrol Services

Direct Guard Services mobile patrol services are our most decorated and trusted security guards; each going through proper training of the client’s operational procedures. We want to provide you with a confident and proactive Vehicle Patrol Services, who,  when the time comes, can be trusted to make the right decisions and act in accordance with the law, while you are away from your business.

Direct Guard’s completely customizable mobile patrols allow you, as the client, to determine the best services needed. Whether you would like us there for a single visit or more, Direct Guard Services will always provide you with a feeling of comfort and security while you are away from your property.

Top 3 Benefits Of Hiring Patrol Security Services

When it comes to securing your business or residential property, you have two options- hire a security guard or appoint mobile patrol services. Hiring a security guard to stand watch at your property is beneficial but mobile patrols have also become popular lately. Typically, homeowners and businesses never consider hiring a patrol service but this service offers a superior level of security guard services. Whether you want to secure your commercial property or residence, patrol services act as an effective visible deterrent.

The patrol security guards at Direct Guard Services cover a specific geographical area by patrol vehicles, bicycles, or on foot to watch for suspicious activity. They use local security agents to get access to local information and can cover both random and scheduled routes. To achieve top-level security, a mobile patrol service can complement stand watch services. It is also a great alternative to an on-site security guard. Unlike the traditional security guard solutions, Direct Guard Services patrol guards are not fixed to a single location which helps in avoiding potential threats and prevent criminals from inflicting any harm. You can also keep a track of what’s going around your premise because, at Direct Guard Services, our mobile patrol security guards use Direct Track, our very own electronic GPS, and time-stamped reports of each patrol. Mobile patrol security is the best way to secure your home, business, or any event. If you’ve never considered hiring patrol services, here are some reasons why Direct Guard Services security patrol services are one of the most reliable and innovative security guard companies in California.

1. All Round Security

Direct Guard Services patrol security guards receive training to perform major security tasks such as identify threats, crowd control, property patrolling, and more. Our professionally trained security guards perform their duty on wheels, as well as on foot to ensure the safety of every corner of the facility. When you hire Direct Guard Services mobile patrol services, our security guards will take rounds all over your premises to ensure that the place is completely safe. Direct Guards professional security guards possess prior security service experience which helps them in developing the most efficient security patrol strategies that are tailored to your specific security guard concerns.

2. Multiple Security Services

Mobile security patrol units not only perform typical security services but other functions also. Direct Guard Services patrol security guards can carry out multiple tasks to ensure the optimal safety of our clients. Besides patrolling, DGS security guards can physically check the entire building and all doors and windows, to ensure the property is secure. Our security guards also provide lock and unlock services, quick identification of illegal issues, vacant premises inspections, escort employees and customers, accept deliveries, keep watching contractors, after-hours door checking, and much more.

3. Quick Response

Whether it’s your home or office, there’s always a risk of fire or theft. In case, a fire breaks out or a burglar breaks in, Direct Guard Services security guards can respond right away. During emergencies, you need security guard professionals to respond immediately and take the necessary steps to protect you from the danger until help arrives. If you’re a business owner, a sudden alarm set off by accident can cause a great deal of inconvenience. But when you have one of the most reliable and qualified security companies in California as your security provider, you know they can handle every situation at any time. Direct Guard Services can even contact the law enforcement officers or fire department if needed.

Hiring Direct Guard Services mobile patrol service to keep an eye on your property is a very economical solution to today’s security issues. Security patrol services are both a reliable and cost-effective option for guarding your property against criminal activity like theft and vandalism as well as weather and environmental-related damage from storms.

Direct Guard Services’ highly visible mobile patrol units will visit your property and carry out whatever tasks are designated by the site orders according to the client’s wishes. This can be a drive-through observation of Vehicle Patrol Services, or getting out on foot and performing a physical check of the entire building and all doors and windows, locking and unlocking doors and amenities, and most importantly, to ensure the property is secure.

Direct Guard Services mobile security patrols can be used for commercial properties, construction security, industrial buildings, solar farms, business parks, medical complexes, retail shopping centers, hotel security, and motel properties security, HOA and apartment complexes, and any other commercial security or industrial properties throughout California.

Direct Guards mobile security patrols can be contracted to perform any number of patrols, or property checks per day or night. Security patrol services also offer on-demand services, emergency dispatch patrols, and property checks that are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to check on a client’s property and respond to burglar and environmental alarms. Contact Direct Guard Services today to learn more about our reliable and technologically advanced security services in California.