A Comprehensive Guide On Security Guard Companies

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January 11, 2023
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January 12, 2023

Security guards have probably patrolled the streets outside giant buildings and residential areas. They are a common sight, and for a good reason: They play a vital role in protecting your home from different crimes and unauthorized activity. However, you should learn that security guards are more than just law enforcement officers. They are also responsible for safeguarding businesses from potential attacks, assessing the threat risks on the site, and providing a complete security solution to your company.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on security guard companies, how they work and what measures they take to protect businesses. We will cover everything from the basics to more specific information about security guard companies’ operations. So, if you want to learn about it, keep reading!

Security Guard Companies: An Overview

Security guard companies provide security services to businesses, organizations, and individuals to protect them from theft, break-ins, vandalism, violence, and other criminal activities. These companies typically employ security guards who patrol and monitor the property and respond to suspicious or illegal activity. 

Security guard companies offer services like on-site security, mobile patrols, alarm response, CCTV monitoring, and access control. Some companies also provide specialized services such as executive protection, event security, and loss prevention. 

Many security guard companies are licensed and insured and may also be required to meet specific training and certification standards.

Different Types of Services Offered By Security Guard Companies

Security guard companies offer a range of services you can choose according to your business needs. These include:

  1. Foot Patrol 

Security guards physically patrol and monitor a designated area on foot. This service is often used in high-traffic areas such as shopping centres, residential complexes, and parking garages. Foot patrols effectively deter crime and identify suspicious behaviour as security guards can move through the site and interact with people. They also can respond quickly to incidents, as they are on foot and can navigate through the area more rapidly than if they were in a vehicle.

  • Mobile Patrol

Security guards patrol a designated area using a company-owned vehicle and can respond quickly to incidents as they occur. You can use this service in the regions that require a high level of security, such as government buildings, financial institutions, and construction sites. Mobile patrols help control unwanted incidents and address adverse situations immediately. It is because they can cover a large area within a short period. You can also use mobile patrols if your business operates at multiple locations and needs extended area coverage.

  • Event Security

You can hire event security for special events, such as concerts, festivals, and conferences. You can opt for this service to ensure that events run smoothly and that guests and participants are safe and secure. Event security guards are responsible for monitoring the crowds, controlling access to the event, and ensuring that safety and security protocols are followed.

  • Loss Prevention

Security guards monitor for and prevent theft or loss of merchandise in retail environments. Security officers are deployed in retail stores, shopping centres, and supermarkets, where they watch the store and identify potential shoplifters. They also assist in preventing losses due to employee theft or administrative errors.

  • Executive Protection

Security guard companies provide personal protection for high-profile individuals, such as executives and celebrities. These services ensure the safety and security of individuals who may be at risk due to their high-profile status. Executive protection guards are responsible for monitoring the individual’s surroundings, controlling access to the VIP individual, and ensuring they stay safe wherever they are. The guards even travel with them to help them reach their destination safely.

  • Fire Watch Services

Fire watch security services aim to protect your building or property from fire hazards. This service may include checking for potential fire hazards, ensuring that fire exits and equipment are accessible and functional, and responding to fire alarms. Fire watch security guards are typically trained in fire safety procedures and are equipped with fire extinguishers and other necessary equipment. You can use this service for buildings under construction, undergoing renovations, or in facilities with inoperative fire safety systems.

How Security Guard Companies Safeguard Your Business and People?

Security guard companies take a multi-faceted approach to protect your business from crimes. They employ trained personnel, security protocols and procedures, technology, and regular assessments to keep your business and workforce safe and secure. Some of the measures taken by security guard companies to ensure your business safety include:

  • Conducting thorough background checks on all employees

A security guard company thoroughly screens all employees, including conducting background checks, to ensure that they do not have a criminal history or any other red flags that may indicate a potential threat to your business. They always employ reliable and honest individuals for this critical role.

  • Providing regular training and education

Security guards are trained and educated on various security aspects, including crime prevention, risk assessment, surveillance techniques, and emergency response procedures. This regular training helps to keep guards up-to-date on the latest security trends and best practices. Thus, security guard companies keep working on officers’ skills and learning for improved performance.

  • Implementing surveillance systems

Security guard companies often install surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and other security technologies for 24/7 monitoring. They stay alert and active to detect unwanted movements and combat breaches and incidents before they get out of hand. These systems can be monitored remotely, allowing for appropriate responses when needed.

  • Establishing clear protocols for emergencies

Security guard companies establish clear protocols for emergencies, such as fires, natural disasters, or active shooter situations. It ensures that security guards are prepared to respond quickly and effectively in a crisis. They also conduct regular assessments of your business property to identify potential security vulnerabilities and develop plans to address them. It helps ensure that your business is always protected against the latest security threats.

  • Maintaining regular communication with clients and law enforcement

Security guard companies maintain regular communication with their clients to ensure they are aware of any security concerns and address any issues that may arise. It helps to build trust and maintain a good working relationship with their clients. Moreover, they communicate regularly with local law enforcement to share information about potential security threats and to coordinate response efforts in the event of a crime.

Six Mistakes You Should Never Make When Choosing a Security Guard Company

Hiring a security guard company is a crucial decision. Thus, you must be careful when choosing a security service for your business. Let’s find out what mistakes you should avoid when taking this significant step:

  1. Not Checking the Company’s Credentials

One of the most important things to do when selecting a security guard company is to verify that they are licensed and insured. It will ensure that the company is legally allowed to operate and that they have the necessary insurance to cover any damages or injuries that may occur while providing services to your company. 

It is also essential to check the company’s reputation and reviews from other businesses to ensure they have a good track record of providing quality services.

  • Not Considering the Company’s Experience

The company’s experience in providing security services for businesses similar to yours is crucial. They should have experience in dealing with the security risks your business faces. They should also have a thorough understanding of the industry and the specific needs of your business. A company with extensive experience can serve you better than a newly established security venture.

  • Not Reviewing the Contract Carefully

Before signing a contract with a security guard company, reviewing the terms and conditions carefully is essential. Make sure you understand the services the company will provide and the specific details of the contract. It will ensure that you and the company are on the same page and that there are no surprises later.

  • Not Providing Clear Instructions

Communicate your expectations and requirements to the security guard company to ensure they understand their responsibilities. It includes hours of operation, the specific areas they need to patrol, frequency of patrol, risk assessment requirements, security equipment inspections, and other detailed instructions.

  • Not Regularly Monitoring the Services

Regularly monitor the services provided by the security guard company to ensure they meet your expectations and address any issues that may arise. It includes conducting regular inspections of the guards’ performance, reviewing incident reports, and having regular meetings with the company to discuss any concerns or issues.

  • Not Considering the Budget

You must ensure that your chosen company is affordable and fits your budget. When considering budget, it is vital to get quotes from multiple companies and compare their prices and services. It will give you a better understanding of the market rates and help you to find a company that offers services at reasonable rates while still providing the level of protection that your business needs.

Moreover, it is crucial to consider any additional costs associated with the security services, such as equipment and training costs, as well as any additional fees or charges that may be included in the contract.

Security Guards’ Latest Training Trends

Security guard training is evolving to prepare guards for diverse and ever-changing challenges. With the incorporation of technology and emphasis on soft skills, guards are better equipped to handle various scenarios.

There have been several trends and technologies in security guard training in recent years that are discussed below:

  • The first trend has been a focus on de-escalation techniques and conflict resolution. It includes training guards on how to defuse potentially violent situations and how to communicate effectively with individuals who may be agitated or aggressive.
  • Another trend has been an emphasis on active shooter response training. The training teaches guards how to respond to an active shooter situation. It includes identifying potential threats, carrying evacuation procedures, or securing a building. It also involves how to engage with the shooter if necessary.
  • Technology has also played a role in security guard training. Virtual reality (VR) and simulation training have become increasingly popular to provide guards with realistic, hands-on training in a controlled environment. This technology allows guards to practice their skills and responses in various scenarios like fire hazards, natural disasters, etc.

Additionally, body cameras and other surveillance technologies enable guards to do several things. These include recording their interactions with individuals, providing valuable evidence in case of an incident, and helping ensure everyone follows proper protocols and procedures.

Final Thoughts

With this comprehensive guide, you must have realized that hiring a security guard company has become necessary to sustain and run your business successfully. From providing physical presence to deter criminal activity to conducting incident investigations, everything is the responsibility of the security guard service, so you can relax and focus on your business operations. With their presence, you can create a safer environment for employees and customers and protect your assets.