Security Guard Company Riverside 1
How Security Guard Company Riverside Protects Residential Areas?
September 9, 2021
Office Security Guards – 5 tips for office security guards to reduce risks.
September 22, 2021
Security Guard Company Riverside 1
How Security Guard Company Riverside Protects Residential Areas?
September 9, 2021
Office Security Guards – 5 tips for office security guards to reduce risks.
September 22, 2021

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word robbery? Muscular robbers, heavy firearms, panic crowd, summing up, a whole scary situation? To be honest, you need the guts to deal with robbery situations.

As an attendee, you might stay quiet and let things happen. But as a security guard, it is part of your duty to deal with the state of affairs. After discussing with security experts, here are some tips for bank security guards to handle robbery.

5 Tips for Bank Security Guards

  1. Stay Calm

Instead of shouting at the robber, Hey! How dare you to come in like that, or doing a hand-to-hand fight, stay calm. We understand this situation is nerve taking, but you have to take long breaths and calm yourself.

Now try to understand your situation and make plans in your mind about how you can escape this situation without setting the lives of attendees present in the bank in jeopardy.

Make eye contact with the individuals and make them quiet that nothing will happen, try to stay calm, and have patience. Bank security guards’ support will provide confidence to the attendees that someone is here to save them.

  1. Do What The Robber Ask You

Now, since the robber is present in the bank for robbery, do whatever he asks you. Nothing less or nothing extra, triggering him by not doing what he asks is not a safe move for the attendees.

Here you do not have to become a superhero like the one we saw in movies; his one kick knocks out the robber right at the moment along with his companions. Real-life is way different from films. Be strategic.

If the robber has weapons along, he will attack the attendees. To keep the lives of attendees safe, follow his guidelines. If he is asking to put all the money in his bag, do that exactly: do not forget to put a tracking device in the bag.

  1. Note Every Single Detail

In the whole robbery scenario, bank security guards are not asked to stand numb like a statue. Physically you have to present yourself as a dumb person who doesn’t know how to fight back, but mentally you have to defeat them.

Follow every action of the robbers. Read their mentality with their body language the way you were trained in your training days. His body language will speak to his actions. Try to note his weak points.

If there is a team of robbers, pay attention and try to hear their conversation. How are they mentioning each other? Are they using any nickname? Whether they refer to any location. Note every single detail in your mind.

  1. Make Strategic Plans

After understanding the situation and making the robber certain that you are not doing anything suspicious, time to make plans. Now you have to make a scenario on how you can escape from here.

The Walkie Talkie you have, switch it on to indicate the department about what is going inside the bank. Keep the Mic on so the department can clearly hear your conversation with the robber.

Some security companies also provide an emergency device to the bank security guards. If you have one, make sure to use it on time and alert the department to take legal action.

In real cases, when police arise outside the bank to arrest the robber, they try their best to assault the attendees to save themselves. If they do so, let them escape to protect the attendees.

  1. Wait For The Robber To leave!

The moment robbers are leaving the bank after the robbery, make them leave and do not chase after. Once you are sure they left the bank, track their location with the device you put in the bag.

Follow them wherever they go and arrest them along with your team. If the robbers do face-to-face firearm fights, then be strategic. Instead of firing them from the front, cover their spot from all sides. Trap them, and do not let them escape. Take all the money back to the bank.

That is how you control bank robbery professionally as bank security guards



But, How To Prevent Bank Robbery?

Instead of allowing the robbers to come and rob the bank, be prepared and prevent every single chance of robbery. The strategic plan you can apply to include;

  • Be Attentive & Observant:

Do not stand still during duty hours. Be attentive and observant to every single activity happening in your surroundings. If you sense any suspicious activity, take immediate action. The more active bank security guards are, the lesser the chances of bank robbery. Make sure that you give your 100%.


  • Keep Your Security Plans Tight:

Every morning when you reach your service location, you have to be sure in your mind on how you have to perform your onus. Besides, the security companies should also guide the bank security guards about how they can perform better.


  • Show Confidence:

Your personality should reflect confidence. Stand straight with head up & walk steadily with observant eyes. Your presence should offer relief to the attendees present.


  • Don’t Take Everything Easy:

If you are a part of professional bank security guards, do not consider everything like a piece of cake. Robbers make plans for a month before robbing the bank. They have prepared themselves for every possible situation. The same goes for you. You have to be prepared for everything.

  • A Backup Plan:

The foremost reason that robbers succeed in robbing the bank is that bank security guards lack backup plans. Why? Why do you think that you alone can handle everything? Get your backup plan ready so you can handle situations professionally.

Preventing a bank robbery is a nerve taking task, but you can deal with everything when you handle situations professionally. Corporate with other bank security guards and apply all the tips mentioned above.