What Makes Direct Guard Services the Best Armed Security Guard Company?

Looking to Hire The Best Security Guard Company In Orange County
Looking to Hire The Best Security Guard Company In Orange County?
August 13, 2020
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Why is Executive Protection Important in Los Angeles?
February 11, 2021

There are thousands of armed security guard company but what is it really which makes Direct Guard Services stand out in front of all of them? It is our success ratio. Direct Guard Service is a pioneer in the field of both armed and unarmed security.

We offer all kinds of trained security guards, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, choosing the security services that you can place your trust in is a genuine business and absolutely not a decision to be messed with therefore we are here to assist you with any kind of security services you require.


  • Security Guard Companies: The crucial necessities 
  • Each security guard’s preparation is under steady assessment 
  • Completely authorized and certified
  • Direct Guard Service works with you to comprehend your requirements 
  • Direct Guard Service offers full adaptability 
  • Direct Guard Service has a 100% success ratio



check Each Security Guard’s Preparation is Under Steady Assessment: 

The present universe of security is altogether different from that of the past many years. Preparing people is vital, both for unarmed security services and outfitted security guards. With regards to that, you should feel free that those authorized to utilize a gun have fitted and routinely refreshed training to sharpen their abilities. At the point when you depend on the Direct Guard with your equipped security needs, you can have confidence that each security guard is completely prepared and conforms to all vital continuous instruction and legitimate prerequisites to remain battle-ready.


check Completely Authorized and Certify:


Any security guard company you wish to work with is responsible for both the armed and unarmed security guards who are working at your property, they are liable for their security guards whether they are working in any State, country or anywhere else, moreover at Direct Guard the administration sticks carefully to each locale of the world wherein they work. Obviously, you ought to likewise complete your due industriousness into the authorizing of a security organization. At the point when you collaborate with Direct Guard this proof is consequently introduced, and they’ll be enchanted to completely uncover and examine their accreditation whenever you pick.


check Direct Guard Service works with you to Comprehend your Requirements:


Direct Guard Service works with you to ensure that you are getting the exact service you are looking for, are you looking for an armed or unarmed security service, are you looking to protect a specific person, property, etc, all of these factors are considered to meet your requirements. Fast Guard will do an itemized evaluation that permits them to precisely offer the specific support that tends to your requirements. Likewise, their specialists will likewise occasionally reevaluate, so permitting them to talk about with you any potential changes that may upgrade the service.


check Direct Guard Service Offers full Adaptability:


A good security company will always support you in your decisions, whether you want to stick to the same service or you wanna modify or switch to something else they are always there to adapt to your choice of service. It is recommended that you speak to the company you hire beforehand in order to avoid any disputes. We at Direct Guard Service ensure that you get what you are looking for therefore we offer full adaptability according to your needs.


check Direct Guard Service has a 100% Success Ratio:


Who are their past and current customers? Do they have numerous proposals returning a lot of time? While, normally, great security organizations regarding the protection of their customers, it should, in any case, be conceivable to look at their history. Without a doubt, quality outfitted security suppliers will have an arrangement of extraordinary audits that they’ll gladly impart to you. In the case of Direct Guard Services, we provide all the evidence and answer any inquiries regarding our success ratio to ensure your satisfaction.


check All Security Guard Companies Must Satisfy All These Essential Requirements


Simply, a good security organization will always score 5/5 for all the above requirements—and none do it with such a lot of assurance than worldwide regarded Direct Guard Service. Whichever supplier you wind up choosing, it’s crucial that you’re fulfilled they meet all the above standards. 


check Searching for the Best Armed Security Company? You can confide in Direct Guard to Convey


Direct Guard’s accomplished and agreeable group would be enchanted to talk about your necessities for outfitted security—or undoubtedly any part of your security needs. In addition to the fact that they guarantee immaculate adherence to all the abovementioned, yet their worldwide arrival implies they can adequately give security in any country and zone of the world. 


Regardless of whether you’ve used the skill of furnished security previously or are investigating the chance of doing as such unexpectedly, Direct Guard’s quintessential experts offer assistance that is top-notch. 

For more than 10 years now, Direct Guard Services has been working with all types of businesses and individuals to help protect and provide safety. From big corporations to startups and local businesses, Direct Guard Services has been providing highly-trained security guards of all types.

If you need more information about executive protection services, feel free to contact our customer service team and get yourself or your business a curated security service as per your needs. Contact us now at 800-578-2123 or visit our website.