Can I hire an independent security guard?

How to Hire and Evaluate Managed Security Services Providers
How to Hire and Evaluate Managed Security Services Providers
May 7, 2022
Why is it Important to Appoint a Security Guard?
Why is it Important to Appoint a Security Guard?
May 21, 2022
How to Hire and Evaluate Managed Security Services Providers
How to Hire and Evaluate Managed Security Services Providers
May 7, 2022
Why is it Important to Appoint a Security Guard?
Why is it Important to Appoint a Security Guard?
May 21, 2022

Southern California is an important region of its state. It contains many important social and economical cities and counties making it a very busy part of the country. The local and private security sector in this region is very active. It provides a lot of opportunities for people interested in security fields as well as the people who want to hire them. In recent years, there has been a gradual increase in the number of security guards working independently. These self-employed security guards provide their services to their clients independently irrespective of any company. or they can be associated with a company as freelancers. Today, we will discuss different types of independent security guards in California, and how you can hire them.

Different ranks of security guards:

When it comes to independent security guards, there are no specific ranks. The main distinction is being armed and unarmed. to get a firearm license, specific training is required. These two ranks have divisions among themselves as well depending upon the nature of their job and extent of training. These divisions are:

Unarmed security guards:

This position requires minimal to zero training. Firearms are usually not a part of their jobs.

Unarmed security officers:

This is a higher rank than unarmed guards as it requires a college degree, or at least an 80-hour training course from the Bureau of Security and Investigation Services (BSIS), California. These security officers can carry self-defense weapons like tasers and sticks.

Armed security officers:

These are security professionals that are properly trained and licensed by the BSIS to carry and use firearms and weapons. There are multiple aspects of their jobs and can be hired to perform different duties.

Public safety officers:

These security officers require a law enforcement degree, a college degree, and proper firearms training. They are concerned with the safety of public places.

Senior security officer:

These security officers go through more detailed and extensive training than regular guards and are prepared to deal with emergencies. These officers are involved in training new officers but are not supervisors.

Where to find self-employed security guards?

As we discussed before, there has been an increase in the availability as well as the demand for independent security guards in California. There are several places where you can look for and find independent security guards. a few of these sources are:

Online job applications:

Several entrepreneurs post their applications and CVs online. if you are looking for an independent security guard, you can check it online and find several applications.

Security training institutions:

Another way to find independent security guards is by consulting security training institutions like BSIS in California. They have many fresh graduates desperate looking for jobs. You can reach out to them to provide a job opportunity for your company.

Social media ads:

You can post the opening for a security guard position on your company’s social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Link your website to your socials to make it easier for applicants to reach you.

Other businesses:

speak with the HR departments of other businesses in your area. If they use security services, ask for recommendations. Its easier to find competent and experienced security guards through recommendations of their clients.

Desirable qualities of independent security guards:

Several distinct skills and qualities make security competent for the job. You should look for these qualities when you are hiring a security guard:

  • Security guard certification and license
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Vigilance and observation skills
  • Self defense
  • Quick thinking and approach
  • Calmness under pressure
  • Civilian protection skills
  • Attentiveness
  • Quick response

Job opportunities for independent security guards:

Independent security guards can land different types of security jobs based on their skill set, qualifications, and the needs of the employers. Some common self-employed security guard jobs are:

  • Monitoring a building or premises
  • Controlling who may enter a building or premises
  • Issuing visitor passes
  • Responding to alarms, threats, and emergencies
  • Monitoring an area to prevent shoplifting, fires, or other threats and emergencies
  • Monitoring crossways and other areas with vehicle traffic
  • Driving or guarding trucks delivering expensive equipment or cash to banks and businesses

Writing job description for security guard opening:

It is important to have a well-written and elaborated job description to find competent and qualified independent security guards. your job description article must contain all the guidelines for the applicant to apply and all the requirements that you need to be met by him.

When writing an online job description for independent security guards, try including some important keywords so that you are easier to locate on search engine result pages. According to recent data, the most popular and most searched terms related to independent security guards are:

  • Security
  • Security officer
  • Security guard
  • Hiring immediately
  • Allied Universal
  • Unarmed security guard
  • Overnight
  • Unarmed security
  • Immediately hiring
  • Guard

United security patrol, California:

 we have discussed that some independent security guards might be associated with a company as freelancers. United security patrol is one of those companies that allow independent security guards to be associated with them to land independent security guard jobs. We only recommend licensed, qualified, and trained security officers to our clients. We make sure that all the independent security guards associated with us are highly qualified and competent to make ensure quality security services at our end.


It is very beneficial to hire independent security guards for your protection. Having on-site security guards helps discourage and prevent criminal activity. If a crime or emergency arises, your security guard usually provides a quick response while waiting for the police to arrive. These advantages help heighten security and enhance customer relations. To hire the best independent security guards in California, contact United patrol security.