Evolution of Security Guards’ Role in the Global Pandemic

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How The Roles Of Security Guards Have Changed During COVID-19 Pandemic?

The Coronavirus pandemic has been sweeping across the globe like wildfire. Since the development of a vaccine, most businesses are partially opening up. However, maintaining a safe distance, wearing masks, and avoiding crowds are still required to contain the virus. Most businesses are hiring security guards to effectively implement SOPs.

Armed guard services are present at the point of entry to manage the number of customers allowed in the store at a time. They are responsible for maintaining social distance within the property. In the current times, their duties include temperature checks and offering sanitizers to the customers entering the store.

In this blog, we will discuss how security professionals’ roles have changed during the COVID-19 global pandemic. So without further ado, let’s get to the details.

Evolution Of Roles Of Security Guards During Global Health Crisis:

Ensuring a Healthy Workplace Environment

During the current global crisis, Security guards are required to make proper workplace arrangements to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus. They are responsible for guiding people about maintaining six feet of distance and implementing it. They are trained in helping people with hearing disabilities or visual impairments in wearing a mask and maintaining social distance.

Securing Healthcare Facilities

Isolation zones need to be cordoned off to contain the Coronavirus. It is the job of the healthcare security teams to ensure that nobody enters or leaves the isolation zone without permission. They are also responsible for creating safe passages for healthcare providers to and out of the quarantine zones.

SOP Implementation

Even with millions of people dead and infected, a group of people doesn’t want to follow SOPs. The best way to deal with such individuals is by forcing standard safety procedures which the help of armed guard services. Security officers are trained to handle such individuals without creating a scene in public.

Implementing A Strict Lockdown

Lockdowns are the best measures governments have taken to avoid fatalities caused by the contagion. Even after almost seventeen months, various parts of the world are in lockdown. Governments have come up with an innovative way to ensure the implementation of lockdown. Unarmed mobile security teams patrol across the city to check if shops are closed. They also keep an eye out for vandalism and burglary.

Security services are also hired to keep a check on retail stores and shops. They make sure that the CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment are turned on and working properly. They also check the fire alarm system to control fire hazards.

Just like any other frontline worker, security guards are risking their lives to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Their roles have changed to meet the need of time. Today, security officers are required to implement SOPs, maintain social distancing, and check the temperatures of the customers who enter a store. They are also appointed to ensure that the security cameras in stores are properly working to prevent burglary or vandalism.