Executive Protection Service – Is this for You?

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February 3, 2022
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February 3, 2022
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February 19, 2022

What is executive security?

Executive security (aka. close protection) refers to the private security services the security guards offer to the executive persons and their families. This protection is because they are exposed to security threats and major risks. In simple words, executive security guards are the ones that appear in all black and protect the administrative persons whenever and wherever they go. Executive security services are comparable with bodyguard services. Yet, they are more efficient.

Executive security creates a compact circle around the person, monitors every move, and maintains a lookout for danger. The executive security officers decide with whom the administrative person should meet and when (after going through the background check).

Who needs executive security?

You are not alone if you believe only executive individuals or celebrities can have administrative security. To be particular, anyone who is at risk of security due to their standing, net worth, popularity, or employment can have executive protection. This definition expands the entry of people who are the picture-perfect match to have executive security. Following ones can have executive security services;

  • CEOs
  • Wealthy individuals
  • Musicians or performers
  • TV persons
  • Political figures
  • Professional athletes
  • Celebrities
  • Government executive
  • Dignitaries
  • Very Important People

Is executive security for you?

After knowing that there is no restriction to have executive security, the next question arises, can you have administrative security services? To conclude this, you have to ask yourself the following questions;

1.     What’s your net worth?

Rich profiles are like cakes with cherries on the top to loot. If you have a high net worth, you need to protect yourself and your family by hiring executive security services. Wherever you go and whoever you meet, have administrative security to lessen the security risks.

2.     How often do you travel?

Wherever you go to do business, security risks will along. In short, no part of the world is safe anymore. Whether you travel to Dubai or Chicago to trade business, have executive security to have a safe business trip.

3.     Are you a public persona?

This factor will clear the scenario of whether you should hire executive security or not. If your involvement in public meet-ups is frequent, you might need administrative security. Also, if you have a strong social media presence, you surely need executive protection.

4.     How wide is your fan following?

Every third person has a social media presence in today’s digital time, but not each has a wide fan following. If you have, bingo! Of course, your fans and antis will follow you wherever you go. Have executive protection along to avoid harassment and attacks.

5.     Do you have any government secrets?

Some people are far behind the social world, don’t travel much, and have a less public appearance. Still, they necessitate corporate protection as they have some top secrets. To prevent security threats and leaking information, hire executive security.

6.     Is anyone from your family an executive person?

As discussed earlier, even the family members of executive persons are not safe from security threats. Criminals use the family members as a medium to blackmail them. Have executive protection to prevent such incidents and scandals.

7.     Are you an employee of a top-line organization?

Tell us about your employment. Are you working under a top-line organization? If yes, then have executive protection to avoid scandals about your career and organization.

When to have executive protection?

Being a public figure, you are under security threats 24/7. Your protection is a concern all the time, especially when you are in a public place or traveling to unsafe regions.

The moment you feel things are not safe anymore, security threats are increasing, with every passing minute, hire executive protection services right away.

Hire the best executive security services in the town. Having well-trained security gives confidence and assurance that you are safe and can focus on your work.

The trends of security are changing with the advancement. Always hire Security Services based on your needs. We hope the myth that only executive individuals can have executive security services is clear now.

Remember, anyone under security threats due to net worth, persona, employment, or status can have executive security services. Stay tuned for more content!