Learning About What a Fire Watch Security Does

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April 16, 2022
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April 30, 2022
Reason Why We Need Security Guards in Educational Institutes
April 16, 2022
Improving Threat Hunting with Managed Security Services
April 30, 2022

It is common for a fire to break into buildings claiming lives and destroying assets, properties, and finances. Thus preemptive measures must be taken to prevent any mishap. For this purpose, the services of a fire watch security guard must be taken.

Services of fire watch security guards are usually taken on construction sites as they are dangerous places having many fire hazards.

Fire watch security guards are hired in various situations; for instance, if an alarm system stops working or equipment is broken, that can put the staff workers at risk.

Typical Fire Risks in a Facility

Fire watch security guards are hired on a temporary and permanent basis as per your needs to provide key services, especially in high fire risk areas or in places where an internal system like a fire alarm or water sprinkler system isn’t working. They protect people and the vicinity against fire.

Fire can erupt as a result of:

  1. Inappropriate storage of materials and liquids
  2. People smoking
  3. Lack of safety equipment
  4. Arson/mischief
  5. Poor workmanship
  6. Inadequate security measure

Fire watch security becomes a necessity if:

  1. You do not have an alarm system in place
  2. Your alarm system is not working due to a malfunction
  3. Your alarm system failed an inspection
  4. Your fire alarms are offline because of electricity issues
  5. Fire sprinklers are not functioning
  6. The pump or fire sprinklers are out of service
  7. The water has been closed for repairs
  8. There is a high risk of fire due to flammable material

Let us now discuss what professional fire watch security personnel do

  1. Surveillance

One of the most important responsibilities of fire watch security officers is security patrolling. They stroll about the facility, patrol it, and keep a vigilant eye out for any fire risks or suspicious activity, which they report to management.

  1. Immediately contact emergency services

If a fire watch security guard identifies a hazard or a threat, they immediately address it, activate the fire alarm, and contact emergency services, including the fire department. The guard also disseminates information to the on-site management for immediate emergency response.

  1. Helps in emergency evacuation

Fire watch security guards are given training to monitor, patrol, and ensure timely evacuation of people from the building in case of an emergency. Fire watch guards immediately respond to emergencies to minimize damage. Once they have notified the fire department, they inform the citizens in the building, instruct them and assist them in the evacuation process.

  1. Keep fire watch logs

A fire watch security guard is also responsible for maintaining accurate fire watch logs on a regular basis. They must keep meticulous records of everything he discovers and patrol both inhabited and vacant portions of a building on a regular basis. After that, the fire watch security guard is responsible for informing the on-site administration and his security business of the findings.

  1. Maintain Conditions Stated on Safety Permit

Another duty of a fire watch security guard is to maintain the requirements stated on the safety permit; this includes the availability and maintenance of fire-extinguishing equipment, keeping exits and walkways clear and free from any hindrance, and protecting your business from heavy fines.

  1. Knowledge of Quick System Repairs

Fire safety guards have the required knowledge of quick system repairs of fire security systems. If a fire breaks, the security guards have ample training and knowledge in handling the situation and the equipment. The fire safety security guard recognizes potential threats and takes necessary steps to mitigate them. Also, it is the guard’s responsibility to handle and find solutions to any unexpected equipment failures to provide immediate fire safety solutions.

  1. Continuous Patrol

It is the responsibility of a fire safety guard to keep a close watch and ensure continuous surveillance. They move around the building and look for signs of increased fire risk that must be addressed immediately. In addition, the fire security guards ensure that the staff does not leave any hazardous material behind that could be flammable. They conduct patrols in shifts and keep track of the highly expensive equipment used in the facilities.

  1. Protect companies

Companies and workplaces have an increased risk of fire on site. Fire watch security guards play a pivotal role in protecting these companies from fire. They eliminate risks that might lead to an eruption of fire. However, these guards must be given complete knowledge about the site area, entry and exit points, CCTC, alarms, and sprinkles.

Final Takeaway

It is important to understand that all organizations and buildings are different, and a fire watch security guard may face unique challenges in different environments. But the fundamental responsibilities of a fire watch security guard remain the same. They need to conduct surveillance of the building for any potential fire threat, contact the fire department in case of an emergency and ensure the safe evacuation of people in case a fire breaks.

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in; hiring highly qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced fire watch security guards will help you minimize potential risks to people, buildings, and assets while keeping your operations going efficiently and without interruption. Suppose you’re concerned about compliance or want to ensure that you have good fire safety in place with preventative steps to minimize hazards. In that case, our experienced guards can assist you in achieving maximum protection. This blog will teach you the importance of having a fire watch security guard on duty. Aside from that, you’ll have access to professionals that can deal with unforeseen fire apparatus failure and take action in a timely and effective manner.

Hiring skilled, professional, experienced, and trained fire watch security guards can minimize potential threats to life, buildings, finances, and assets and ensure that your business operates smoothly.