Office Security Guards – 5 tips for office security guards to reduce risks.

September 20, 2021
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September 29, 2021

All offices and business plazas require one or more security guards for the protection of their employees and their properties. even though there are some rewarding aspects, the job of being a security guard is very tough. A security guard faces countless risks on his duty and is always in danger. He also has to face harsh weather conditions like scorching sun and thunderstorms to protect the people inside the offices. The office security guards are not military-trained soldiers. They are normal people just like us and they also need to beware of potential risks. In this article, there are 5 tips for office security guards to reduce the risks at their jobs.

Be vigilant and proactive:

The most important skill of a security guard is to be vigilant. A vigilant and observant office security guard deters the criminals around the office that might sabotage the property by theft, vandalism, or any other kind of violence. To prevent crime, an office security guard has to be proactive and present-minded. He can only detect a crime before it has happened if he is vigilant and observing everything keenly. Alert security is most likely to spot suspicious activity and make sure it doesn’t lead to further damage. His proactiveness will make him able to inform the local police and authorities if a crime occurs. The vigilance and observation of an office security guard help the workload of police and security forces as they do not have to deal with the crimes that are already prevented by an alert office security guard. By being proactive, the office security guard will not only save the company’s property and employees but will safeguard his own life as well.

Wear comfortable and protective gear:

The job of an office security guard requires many hours of standing and patrolling the office premises. The security guard must be efficient and nothing should distract him from monitoring the security situation. One thing that can divert the attention of the security guard is uncomfortable clothing. the uniform must be made of comfortable material that would not cause itching, sweating, and suffocation. In a comfortable uniform, the office security guard would be able to focus on his job properly.

The basic uniform of an office security guard consists of a basic polo shirt paired with simple cargo pants and trousers. Over the polo, a jumper or a puffer vest is worn to keep warm and protected. The security guards that secure high-security offices must also wear bulletproof vests and googles and shields to reduce any risk. The clothes should also be waterproof to keep the officer dry in case of rain and thunder.

Make proper use of the security equipment:

Most of the offices and buildings hire multiple office security guards. On a large premise, a security guard should not work alone. But if he has to, he should make complete use of security and surveillance equipment provided by the company. Some of the security equipment that is available to office security guards are:

  • Radio: one of the most important surveillance equipment. The security guard should have a radio on him all the time in his duty. He should be able to contact other security guards as well as control centers in his office in case of an emergency.
  • CCTV cameras: CCTV security cameras should be available to the office security guards especially when the office is closed and they are monitoring the empty building. He should be able to monitor multiple areas of the building at the same time to reduce risks.
  • Defensive weapons: defensive weapons like a police baton, pepper spray, and security vests should also be available to the security guard in case he has to protect himself against an intruder. If he has a firearm license, he could also carry a gun.

Stay in your limits:

There are certain limits in the job of an office security guard. There are several things they can and cannot do. to ensure his safety and security, the office guard must not cross the limits of his job. The job of the office security guard is to prevent crime. He cannot and should not fight the criminals as they could be dangerous and risk his life. he should respond to the crime by calling the police and informing them about the security breach.

The security guards need to understand their limits. They should only perform the duties that are required by their jobs. For example, you discover a suspicious package lying in front of your building and you try to deal with it with yourself. The suspicious package could be a bomb and its unprofessional handling could endanger the lives of the guard himself as well as the people inside and around the office. That’s why the security guard must stay within the limits of his job.

Make yourself familiar with your working environment:

An office security guard should be familiar with the place he is working in. he should be aware of all the potential security risks beforehand. When he is hired for the job, he should patrol around all the floors and rooms, and parking areas to learn about the premises. He should be aware of all the fire alarms; emergency exits and fire extinguishers to be used in a crisis.

Apart from the premise, he should also get familiar with the working staff as well as other security officers. Getting to know other guards can help him feel safer on the duty. He can call for backup if he detects a security breach. Familiarizing oneself with the working environment reduces many risks for the on-duty office security guard.


Although office security guards are hired to protect the people of the office and their property, they also face real dangers and life-threatening risks when they are on duty. They also have families to take care of. That’s why they should always follow these five security tips to reduce risks at work for office security guards.