Qualities That Make Bakersfield Security Companies The Best

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Bakersfield records the highest crime rate compared to other communities in the USA, with 48 per 1000 citizens facing violent crimes. If you are starting a security company in Bakersfield, the existing options in the market must have overwhelmed you.

Although there are numerous options, only a few mark “Quality” performance- this guide enlightens what qualities make Bakersfield security companies the best so you can ensure to offer quality services.

Customer Satisfaction as Priority:

Every business starts with a small investment but reaches the skies of success with dedication. Besides strategic planning and an experienced squad, customer satisfaction as a priority is the essence that helps businesses overcome success.

The top quality every security guard company in Bakersfield needs is customer satisfaction. Instead of implementing outdated security plans, the security personnel should consider customers’ requirements.

Modify your services as per customer demand. Have a 1:1 communication with the client and ask what he wants. Propose a customized plan per the client’s budget and security needs.

Honesty & Integrity:

Hiring Bakersfield security companies is a one-time investment, and you must avoid experiencing deceitful policies and commitments. Security personnel must be honest with their clients. 

Honesty is a prime need to build trust. There will be times when the guards must patrol rooms alone, surrounded by valuable assets. Being committed to their morals and ambitions will help build trust.

Proficient Communication Skills:

Security personnel must have proficient communication skills to express and easily discuss ideas, individually or in a team. Successful communication is the first step to building strong relationships and helps better understand the situation and people. 

Proficient communication skills build respect and trust to overcome diversities. The hiring team should pay attention while interviewing the guards to ensure they add trustworthy individuals.

Rigorous Screening Process:

You can’t stand to leave the safety of your premises and people with unqualified security personnel. Ask your shortlisted Bakersfield security companies about their interview process. 

Besides a deep dive into professional skills, certifications, and job history, does the interview include behavioral and situational questioning? Does the interviewing team conduct a drug test, physiological assessments, and background checks? It is the least to expect from the company to build trust.

Focus Customer Support:

Satisfying customers has always been a challenging task. Yet focused customer support helps provide them with what they need in a clock hour. 

Bakersfield security companies should guard their clients against intruders and offer them peace of mind.

The client can come up with his needs at 8 am or pm. Customer support agents should welcome the clients as soon as possible. In case the team misses a call, they should give a call-back. It helps build trust and respect.

Committed Training:

Before a security guard sets his foot to guard your premises and people, he undergoes extensive training. Being the owner of the security guard company in Bakersfield, you are accountable for ensuring the security guards complete their training.

The security industry has high competition in Bakersfield. Only committedly trained security guards have the experience and knowledge to overcome challenging circumstances. 

Mark your security company as the best by training them for terrorism response, emergency preparedness, and incident command.

Experienced Guards:

Experience comes with knowledge and familiarity with challenging situations. Being the hiring supervisor for your security company, ensure to hire security guards who have completed various jobs in different sectors.

If you are hiring beginners without prior experience, ensure they have valid certifications and knowledge. Moreover, you can train your hired squad to polish their skills. Bakersfield has a demand for armed security guards in particular. Yet they necessitate a high level of experience.

Compliance & Insurance:

What gives your clients the confidence to trust you for the safety of your premises and people? Studies suggest licensed security guard companies in Bakersfield have higher hiring rates than those without a valid license.

Besides a license, a security company should offer a liability insurance certificate. A liability insurance certificate guarantees the security company is accountable for covering damages and injuries any security guard faces during the services. 


Any security guard company can perform 24/7 monitoring and patrolling services. What makes a company special is hands-on experience with specialized security services. 

For instance, a security guard adds excellent assets to a business that attends calls and replies to emails on time rather than one that delays the tasks. 

Besides training your security guards for basic guarding and surveillance services, polish their skills for specialized tasks. Train your security personnel to deal with challenging cases like fire outbreaks, mass shootings, and terrorist attacks.

Besides paying attention to marketing campaigns to grab potential clients, ensure your security company comprises the qualities, customers demand and stand out from the rest of Bakersfield security companies.