The Top 9 Security Issues in Orange County Hotels

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March 18, 2021

It can be a tricky deal to navigate through. As a hotel owner, you have to deal with so many security issues, you have so many people whose safety rests in your hands. You have your employee within the hotel, employees on the outskirts, and your customers. There are different types of customers that come in, they could be bachelors, families, and people coming in from different occupational backgrounds. You will even have high-profile customers like celebrities, politicians, government officials, and other such public figures. The safety of their livelihoods rests in your hands, and so you want to make sure that you are vigilant in this matter.

Incidents that might lead to people questioning your safety and security measures will lead to your brand name being tarnished. If a hotel cannot provide comfort and protection to its customers then it cannot be trusted at all. This will lead to a hit on your sales, and it goes downhill from there. This is why it is important hotels invest in security services, Orange County.

Security Company Orange County offers high-quality services in terms of manpower and security technology. This will not only help in preventing these incidents from occurring but they will also let you do a thorough investigation, in case any security threatening incident occurs. It will show your guests that you are really considering their safety in your mind, which helps your brand even further. So many hotels in Orange County get flooded with tourists every single year, and so it is paramount that you as a hotel owner make sure that all of your security measures in order.

Orange County witnessed a massive influx of tourists almost every year. Tourism makes up a significant chunk of Orange County’s economy, especially Anaheim being its main tourist hub. The world-renowned Disneyland, of Disneyland Resort, resides in Anaheim which sees approximately over 1 million visits per year. Orange County’sKnotts Berry Farm also receives around 7 million visitors each year and is situated in the city of Buena Park. The Anaheim Convention Center which holds several major conventions every year is also one of Orange County’s main tourist areas. There are also resorts within the beach cities that see a lot of customers coming due to their proximity to the beach.

It is not difficult to conjecture that Orange County sees many tourists every year, who would reside in hotels while they are going around the county. You want to make sure that your security is top-notch, however many hotels are not mindful of that and can run into several security issues, that can turn fatal pretty quickly. It is best that when you are looking to hire sources to keep safety issues at bay, you consult a professional security company, Orange County. This is because security companies are known to professionally train their security guards in order to make sure that they have all the security aspects covered. They will also provide them with a lot of security equipment that will help them further inefficiently protecting the livelihood of your guests. This is why we highly suggest that you opt for a security guard company so that they can have you covered from all bases. Security guard services Orange County will provide you with different assortments of security guards such as armed security guards, unarmed security guards, fire watch guards, event security, and vehicle patrol security guards to match your every security-related requirement.

Security Issues

However, many companies refuse to strategize on their security measures, which can lead to the following security issues:


This is one of the most obvious challenges any hotel would face. Guests would typically bring several of their personal, and valuable belongings when staying in a hotel. This makes safekeeping of their value a valid concern because breaking into rooms and pickpocketing can be common problems if the hotel does not take proper precautions. It is an important and standard procedure in this day and age that every single hotel out there offers a secured storage system to allow the guests to store their valuables. This does not eradicate the problem but does give off a sense of responsibility from the hotel to the staying guests.


There are instances where there are cases of missing valuable, and innocent people can get blamed. Sometimes, you might get customers that might wrongfully place the blame on the staff if an important belonging goes missing. Proper procedures and technology will help ascertain the actuality of the whole situation before it gets blown out of proportion. The hotel can look through CCTV cameras, and other sources to not only find the missing item but also the culprit.

Parking Lot

One of the most vulnerable areas for any hotel and its customers is the parking lot. The criminals often tend to look at tourists as an easy target for looting because they would definitely be carrying wads of cash and other jewelry items with them. If your hotel has onsite parking then there is a high chance the criminals might carry out robberies especially since the customers tend to leave their cars unattended for long periods of time. You can strategically place security guards and CCTV cameras which will help you reduce the risk of any such incidents happening. Surely the car that has been parked is not your responsibility, and so if it is stolen it shouldn’t be on you to help recover it, but it is inside your hotel you do have to make sure that you have the right security measures in place. You can station armed guards, because bigger thefts can occur here, and in greater instances. This will help you curb them.

Restricted Areas

Restricted areas are sensitive places where thefts and robberies can occur. A restricted area is a location of the hotel that only certain people/persons can access. However, it is important that you install armed security guards here because these areas could hold sensitive items or information. Whether someone gains access on purpose or by accident, your guards will need to keep an eye on that. Customers or their guests should not be able to access restricted areas, other than employees.

Keeping an Eye on the Staff

The staff cannot enter customers’ rooms without authorization unless it is an emergency or they need to carry out certain tasks that have been allocated to them by the hotel. In some situations, there can be a more thought-out hierarchical system in place when it comes to role access among the hotel’s staff instead of letting just about anyone working access to the rooms. The hotel can place access controls in different avenues of the hotel.


There is not just one kind of theft that can occur in the hotel. There are many cyber-related threats that can emerge, one of them being identity theft. This all equates back to organized criminals looking at hotel guests as highly vulnerable targets, who become highly accessible if the hotels don’t have proper security systems in place. In fact, identity theft has been reported to be a higher statistic as compared to the physical crime. This can involve targeting multiple people all at once.


Communication is extremely important when it comes to active emergencies, in a place that is housing a large number of people. The hotels usually house hundreds of guests which makes this a challenging task ahead. You need to make sure that you have tested the alarm system in place that will help guide people in case of emergencies such as markers, and intercom systems. Make sure your employees also have adequate training in emergency protocols. Placing vehicle patrol security can help with emergency evacuations, and allow the guards to reach areas of urgency much more quickly.

Curbing Bad Behavior

In the hospitality industry, there are moments where you will encounter people that tend to go too far. There will be people who get drunk and act out of order while disturbing the peace of the entire hotel. It can result in physical attacks or damages to the property. Keeping unarmed guard services Orange County around can help to keep these situations under control by a significant mark.

Unauthorized Guests

The hotels need to train their employees to remember the faces of their customers who are residing there. You can set a system in place as well that will give the employees a way to verify people coming in and going out. In case the situation goes out of hand, the unarmed security guards of the hotel can step in to get it under control.