Why Your Small Business in San Bernardino Needs Security Monitoring?

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Why Your Small Business in San Bernardino Needs Security Monitoring

Small business owners are well aware of how much money and time it takes to run a business. You have to coordinate daily tasks with your partners and subordinates, communicate with the suppliers and the clients, and also ensure that the latter is getting security monitoring. All in all, the owners tend to have a lot on their plates. 

This calls for a properly allocated investment in small business security systems because a lack of one can lead to lost assets, stolen inventory, tampered data, and eventually lost revenue. Unoccupied commercial properties are often soft targets for criminals. In a lot of the cases, the value of the damages caused by theft is not high enough to properly justify the cost of an insurance claim.  Larger corporations do have a greater potential of surviving theft, and other similar crimes, small businesses like retail stores, manufacturers, restaurants, and cafes might have a narrower margin to escape with. Several small business owners do lucky tend to realize the importance of devising a security plan. There are different options when it comes to going about security. 

Some business owners like to go for a do-it-yourself security installation. However, we would strongly advise against that. One major problem would come from the monitoring of the camera itself. Though surveillance equipment comes with an option to connect everything with your smart device, the store owner cannot do the whole thing themselves. With all the other facets of the business demand their attention, it would be nearly impossible for the business owners to keep an eye on every alert that they get on their smartphones.

Even if, the owner is vigilant and does respond to the alert, they might not be able to notify the authorities promptly for them to take action. Many reputable security services in San Bernardino, tend to place security guards in order to monitor the CCTV footage at all times. They are also associated with the local police department so that any mishaps or suspicious activity would be immediately reported. This leads to inadequate security for the small business, far poor than it needs in order to keep its assets and inventory safe.

What Happens When Business Security is Inadequate?


One small incident of shoplifting is not exactly catastrophic for a small business, though it is a sign that they need to install tighter security monitoring around the premise. Shoplifting can be expected in some instances, especially if it is a general store. However, it is the accumulation of shoplifting, employee crimes, false alarm, and burglaries that might really make the business financially suffer in Security guard services in San Bernardino. According to 2016 research, burglaries have been one of the main causes of revenue loss for businesses. There were 1.7 million burglaries in the US in 2014 itself. These incidents rack up 13.6% of total property crimes in the country, but it is small businesses are much more likely to be subjected to these than larger businesses. 

This means that your inventory assets are much more at risk than anything else. You will not only risk losing your inventory but also attain a lot of property damage. When you have eyes monitoring your business you are increasing the chance of being compensated for these incidents. One major favor you can do for yourself is to station armed guards services San Bernardino, around the perimeters of the business. Though a lot of burglaries happen while the business is shut down for the day, shoplifting also tends to pose a lot of financial danger for the business. 


Where to Install Security Camera?


Just simply installing the security cameras will not do the trick, you will have to be strategic about their placement. Security cameras will only benefit you when they are used effectively. There are a wide range of security cameras present, and it would be a huge waste of money if you cannot use them how they are meant to be. 

There are certain trigger points in every property that will have to have a security camera installed. The general points that you can cover are:


right Points of Transaction:

It is crucial that you have a camera pointed towards any place where the money is being processed or exchanged. This way you will be able to keep a record of all that is going on, and whether any money has been meddled with or not. Whether it is customers, or employees standing around the cash boxes or registers, it is highly necessary that you keep an eye out for what is happening. If anything happens you will be able to retrace your steps to really know who to incriminate. Make sure the camera is pointing at the torso, and hands of the person, and can also capture the face of the employee or the customer.


right Entrances and Exits:

Firstly, we highly suggest you install unarmed guard services San Bernardino, on your exit and entry points. This will keep your customers from getting intimidated and have the lawbreakers think twice before carrying out their plans. When it comes to the cameras, you want to make sure that they are placed in such a way that they capture the face of all the people coming in and going out. This can be at the backdoor where the employees enter, and the front where the customer enters and leave from. Also, make sure that your camera allows for timestamps so that you can know how long a customer is staying in one place, and inside the shop itself. 


right Storage Areas:

The cameras in storage rooms are especially important if you are a retail store. This is where you store most of the goods, whether you are a clothes shop or a jewelry store. It is these areas where dishonest employees or burglars will really find the most game in. just make sure that the storage areas or warehouses are well lit or you have motion-sensing lights that will allow the camera to really capture what is going on.



Benefits of Installing CCTV Camera:


1. Revision of incidents

The high-quality video surveillance systems that allow for detailed coverage will help the business owners understand what happened during the scenario, and who actually did it. This will stop them from wasting their time, and possibly incriminating the wrong person. All the small business owners will have to do is look through the surveillance footage and figure out who it really is. However, when you have an unarmed guard and Security guard services in San Bernardino stationed at the monitor, they will stop the incident from occurring as it is. 


2. Check-in

With someone already manning the cameras, you as a small business owner can now easily go on your vacations. You do not need to go into a hassle as soon as you receive a notification on your phone of a possible break-in, the armed or unarmed guard station at the monitors will notify the needed authorities for you. They will even inform you of all that happened once the situation has been resolved, and so all you need to do is be knowledgeable of the entire situation. The Security guard services in San Bernardino will also keep a daily activity journal that you can look through later. 


3. Help the Authorities

In case of a bigger, related, or indirectly related to your business, you can offer surveillance footage to make the authorities’ job a little easier. In case there is some incident that occurred near your shop and your camera happened to catch it, the footage could act as a great source of evidence for the police to Contact Us.