Security Guards – Does Size Really Matter?


In this article, we discuss about security guards and whether or not size really matters or not. That is, in case, you need just 1 or 2 security professionals or an entire team of security guard professionals for your business or firm. You may have seen how well-armed and equipped security guards are when the media shows you on television. They can be with politicians, actors or even a group of sports players. You check by advertising and screening CV’s by age, height, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) and so on and so forth. You also realize some potential candidates, but then you begin to ponder that do you really need all of this for the success and safety of a business.

There are many points to consider when hiring security guards :

  • You may have to give size a thought as it is an important factor when busy giving armed guards to hotels and nightclubs. There will also be the question of feeling safe and secure by people, especially after violent outbursts and terrorist attacks. Therefore, security guards in this case, are mandatory and an absolute necessity to have. The guards do not need to be in bulk which now brings us to the question of the skills set of the security guards.


  • There are only 2 kinds of skills. One is a mental skill, and the other is a physical skill. For your client and their need for a specific security guard, the physical skill set would have to be the guards being physically fit and being able to run and swim and reach heights, respectively. The security guards need to protect themselves and others around them from violent attacks and mishaps. They can also be armed and be trained and have some martial arts experience. The other is mental skill which is more important than physical skill surprisingly. The security guards should not be short-tempered and can calm down a situation by just word of mouth. This type of skill is essential and can change a catastrophic situation in just minutes.


  • The 3rd point is professionalism. This is highly regarded as the security guard represents the company and the business. If the guard is not professional and is short-tempered, violent, vigilant, unpleasant aggressive or rude, you can forget about bringing more business from the client.


  • The next point is training – you need to make sure that the security guard is well trained in terms of training. SIA license or some form of security license is required, which does not have many requirements except minimum age requirements that states that the person needs to be 18 years and older and proof identity is required from that individual.


  • The 5th point is communication – there are 3 modes of communication that the security guard is required to interact with efficiently:
  1. Client
  2. Public
  3. YOU

Some people think size matters, and some don’t. It mainly depends upon the size of your business and its capacity. Security guards need to be physically fit and be mentally active and required in the field of security.

The security guards need to make sure they are alert and focused at all times to stop any suspicious activity from occurring. Also, as the employer, you need to make sure to keep the security team happy by providing them with good salaries and making sure their grievances are met. If the guards are satisfied with you and the payroll, they’re on, they will most likely be sticking around for a more extended period of time. This relationship between employer and employee is vital and should always be considered and not taken lightly.

Plus, the security guards need to be good communicators and interact with people on the premises, who are drunk, aggressive, and especially those robbing or stealing.


The role of a security guard is overwhelming and, at times, challenging too. There is always room for danger, which is one reason why guards need to be focused and active at all times. But, as we all know, safety comes first, so with the proper training provided to the Security Guards as well as some form of license like SIA License together with a positive attitude, your business or company will be safe at hand.

So now, as we have covered most of the part, the big and important question is that does size really matter? The answer is NO. The security guard’s physical appearance does not compromise their skills and training at any cost. There are some instances where a business or a client will want a security guard who is big and tall. Even so, this particular job and its responsibilities make training mandatory.