Security Guard Officers – Top skills and qualities of security guard officers:

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September 22, 2021
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Security has always been a major concern at a gathering of people. People want to safeguard their employees, tenants and properties and for this purpose they pay a lot to the security companies to hire security guards. Though security guarding is a well-paid job, it is not that easy. An individual has to go through a lot of professional training and physical and mental examination to get the license of a security guard officer. The security guard’s job requires great motivation and is very challenging. Today, we will discuss the top skills and qualities that will make a security guard in San Diego.

Vigilance and observational skills:

Vigilance is the most important skill in a security guard. The whole job of the security guard is based on his observational skills and vigilance. The major part of his duty is to observe any suspicious activity happening on the premises. The key is to note any change in the usual circumstances and decide whether it requires a serious response or not. He should be quick and rapid to respond to any suspicious activity that can cause a potential threat to the premises. That all depends on how vigilant is the security guard officers to respond.

Team working ability:

Another important trait that must be present in a security guard is his team working ability. There are certain instances where a security team is hired rather than one security guard. Team work and unity are essential in a security guard team for better completion of the job. Effective communication is the key to a team’s operation. Team working ability often comes in handy when security guards have to perform community service jobs like firefighting, evacuation of buildings, police chase, etc. that’s why team work spirit is a quality that every security guard officers must possess.

Honesty and integrity:

Honesty and integrity is such an important quality that not only a security guard, but every human being should possess them. it shapes the entire personality of a man. For a security guard, it is important to be honest and integrous, as the safety and protection of many people are in his hands. Before issuing a security guard license, the state of San Diego makes the applicants take the oath that they will be honest during their jobs as a security guard and would not exploit their power. The state also does a background check on the applicants before giving out a security license.

Physical fitness:

Security guards are hired based on of their physical fitness. the job of a security guard is very challenging. They are required to patrol large areas, chase perps and thieves, stay up all night to monitor security of certain areas. That’s why the security guard applicants go through many levels of physical training before they are qualified to become licensed security guards. To maintain physical fitness, the security guards are required to perform daily exercises and routines. Apart from that they are also entitled to eat balanced diet to maintain a healthy body.

Effective communication skills:

Effective communication skills are the key to a successful security operation. Security guards must have basic communication skills. They must be aware of how to interact with different people. The ability to talk to people and understand their point of view is important and it helps to resolve most of the security issues. In case of a crisis situation, security guards should know how to communicate the orders and guidelines to the people involved. Communication skills are a major part of the training of security guards.

Leadership qualities:

A security guard must have leadership qualities. He should know how to lead from the front. This quality in a person’s personality proves itself to be very useful in a crisis situation. When there is panic among the crowd, somebody needs to stand up and give people hope. In most cases, public looks up to the security guard to take the charge and guide them. Leadership qualities also let a security guard to lead a task force or a security team to accomplish certain missions. Without leadership qualities, an officer would not be able to maintain the team work among his or her colleagues and subordinates for the accomplishment of tasks.


Although it is not a personal skill or quality, experience is very important when it comes to the field of security services. As we say, practice makes a man perfect, just like that, the more time you spend at the field the more you will learn about the security guard training. Every security job is sort of a new way to learn and experience security handling. That is why security guards with more experience are hired for important jobs like presidential security, escorting celebrities, security for politicians, etc.