Are you getting the most out of your security guard services?

What It Means To Be A Security Guard
Observe And Report: What It Means To Be A Security Guard
February 13, 2020
The Importance of Security Guards for a Business
The Importance of Security Guards for a Business
April 13, 2020

Are you getting the most out of your security guard services

In recent years security services have garnered a very high demand due to the rising rates of crimes. Although hiring a professional security service provider is always a good idea there are still some elements you need to consider. Most of the people who hire private security are unaware of how to utilize these security guard services to the best of their ability.

To maximize the utility of security guards there are a few topics that you need to conduct thorough research on.  You also need to have a strong understanding of the scale and nature of your business, your locality, and the crime statistics in your area. Only after carefully considering all these elements, can you make a proper decision and get the most out of these private security guard services.

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What Do You Need to Consider?

Although there are a lot of thoughts that need to be put in the process of hiring a security guard service, here are some of the elements you should consider in order to get the most utility out of these services:

Understand Your Needs

The first thing that you need to do before deciding anything is determine  your needs. To do this you will need to completely understand the nature of your business and how prone to crime it is. If the risk is high,  you need to get appropriately trained security guards from reputable providers such as,  DirectGuardServices. You would also need to figure out the entire area of the parameter to come up with the appropriate number of security guards. There is always a perfect amount of manpower you would need, any higher or lower than it could lead you to incur losses.

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Review The Supervision System

No matter how vigilant you are you can’t always keep an eye on your employed security guards. Therefore, before hiring a security guard service make sure to review the supervising system the company has in place for its security guards. At Direc Guard Services we keep a keen eye on the performances of our security guards. In addition, our supervisors perform regular unannounced surprise supervisory trips to the guards on-site and keep track of their performance. The client is also able to get a-hold of this information, making the process of keeping track of the guards easier.

Keep Tabs On The Guard’s Qualification

After coming up with a provisionary quote, make sure that you ask for the qualification reports of the suggested officers. Go through the qualifications of all possible officers and go along with the best candidate. A qualified person will most likely provide you with quality services and get you your money’s worth. At DGS, we have employed a very strict screening process through which only qualified personnel are able to get a job working for DGS. We firmly believe in providing top-rated quality services to all our clients.

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Choose The Best Provider

Although this might seem like the most obvious point, it is also the one that is the least practiced. There are no free meals in the world. People usually try to cut the security budget out for other departments and get some no-name providers to deliver security services and end up incurring losses. You need to be able to assess your risks and create a budget accordingly, and look for the best providers in your budget. Do not compromise on your security because no matter how many assets you get, they are still vulnerable to crime without proper safety measures. At DirectGuardServices, we provide you with premium quality services at very affordable rates, because we believe that everyone should be able to benefit from our services.

Looking To Hire Security Guards in California?

Are you looking to hire a security detail for your businesses in California? Visit us at to learn more about the services we provide all over California. With trained officers and an ever-vigilant staff, we ensure you that we will be able to fulfill all your requirements. Contact us now!

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