Cinema Theatre Security – A Guide

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Cinema theaters are one the most popular and cherished entertainment places nationwide. The silver screen attracts everyone, whether on a first date, spending quality time with loved ones, or a friendly outing. With large crowds entering the theater for entertainment, the multiple access points make it handy for criminals to enter.

Unfortunately, the increasing terrorist attacks, mass shootings, and harassment over the years have made this carefree outing experience a terrifying activity. As a result, most viewers opt for online movie experiences, while cinema owners face a downfall in sales revenue.

The best way to bring back the charm of the silver screen and give viewers confidence in safety is by hiring cinema theatre security

This guide highlights the safety tips for cinema theatre security with top-rated safety measures the security personnel must use.

Top Security Measures for Cinema Theaters

More than worrying about the downfall in your sales revenue, you should be worrying about the safety of the visitors. Depending on the state’s rules, you might be liable for the injuries and damage.

Here are the top security measures to use whether you own, work, or manage a cinema theater;

CCTV Cameras:

Installing CCTV monitor cameras is beneficial for multiple reasons. When the audience enters the theater, the installed CCTV cameras make them feel confident about the seriousness of the theater. The video surveillance security guards can closely watch the footage from the control room.

A few viewers try to record the movie on their mobile phones. With live video surveillance, you can prevent them from sharing movies and ruining copyright claims. Since movie theaters are pitch dark, infrared cameras can detect activities and objects even in the dark.

Metal Detector Doors:

Whenever we enter the cinema theater, the very first thing that welcomes us is the metal detector door. Metal detector doors prevent persons from bringing firearms, knives, and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

A metal detector door is enough to spread a sense of security. Most criminals change their path after seeing detecting doors at the entrance, knowing the seriousness of safety.

Combine everyday bag check with metal detector doors. It helps ensure persons are not taking harmful objects into the cinema theater that can trigger safety.

Alarm Systems:

While you might ignore the importance of alarm systems in movie theatre security, they are mandatory. Suppose there is a fire outbreak in the basement. The alarm systems will help alert the rest of the crowd on the top floors to take preventive measures and stop the fire from spreading.

Add alarm systems if you are opening a new cinema theater or renovating the old one. The latest models also report to local authorities like fire stations and 911.

Security Guards:

Your security planning is incomplete without hiring security guards for cinema theatre security. It will help if you have theater security guards for 24/7 video surveillance, entrance monitoring, and regular bag checking.

The common mistake most cinema theater owners make is only hiring stationary armed security guards for entrance while ignoring the importance of patrolling unarmed guards.

The stationary armed security guards at the entrance won’t know anything is happening inside the theater. Hire patrol guards to maintain law and order inside the theater.

Additionally, when accidents occur, the security guards help authorities to evacuate the building and keep the persons away from the spot.

Sniffer Dogs:

Having sniffer dogs will help you prevent crimes and maintain law and order. Suppose a person succeeds in accessing the theater. Security guards might nosedive to notice the person, but sniffer dogs will detect him in seconds.

Sniffer dogs are now commonly utilized as an extra precaution throughout crowd check-in. Combining the sniffer dogs with bag checking, video surveillance, and metal frame screening forms a reliable security network for cinema theaters.

Tips For Maintaining Cinema Theatre Security:

Despite having the best security measures and tools, most security personnel fail to maintain law and order. Why? They lack strategic planning. 

Here are some tips by professionals that will help you maintain cinema theatre security;

  • Have a thorough inspection of the building every day before the opening and closing hours.
  • For security purposes, keep all aisles vacant when the movie is going on.
  • Hire a professional who knows how to deal with an emergency—hold weekly training sessions to train the squad for challenging cases.
  • Instead of hiring regular security guards, hire guards familiar with movie theater guarding services.
  • Keep crowds in manageable sizes as it is easier to deal with emergencies.
  • Closely watch the security measures and tools and ensure 100% efficient performance.

A cinema theater is a prime entertainment location for the majority. The increasing violent crimes and attacks have lessened the magic of theaters. You can bring back the charm with safety assurance by hiring cinema theatre security.