Customer Service Traits That a Security Guard Should Always Have

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What Makes a Security Guard Effective?
May 13, 2020
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July 13, 2020

Customer Service Traits That a Security Guard Should Always Have

Over the past few years, security guards have evolved from people who used to look over our premises to individuals who have become an integral part of the workforce. Although they are expected to always appear tough and unapproachable there should be a certain degree of flexibility present. Security guards are some of the few people who come in contact with the customers before anyone else. If the guard appears friendly and approachable, the business would have a higher chance of the prospective customers converting into actual customers.

So, let us look at some of the people skills a security guard can benefit from and help provide better customer service along with the employees of the business and be a good samaritan all the while.

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Listening To The Client

Although private security guards are not the employees of the business they are posted at on duty, they are a representative of that business. So if any customer would have a complaint or suggestion, they would probably notify the management department of the business. It is the job of the security guard to take whatever he is being told by the management seriously, and take notes on how he could further improve his behavior while dealing with customers. This will not only help the client have more faith and trust in his security guards but also helps the guard grow as an individual.

Greets Your Client’s Customers

Security guards are trained to treat their clients’ customers as they would their own. Being the first representative of the business to the customer, security guards have the power to make or break a loyal customer. At Direct Guard Services, we teach our officers to treat customers of our clients with the same respect that they would have for their superiors.


The security officer should also be able to communicate with other employees present on the premises. This will not only make your work life easier but also a lot more enjoyable. Being able to communicate with the employees, you would be able to get to the bottom of the issues that may or may not arise quicker, and work together to come up with a solution. Also, with an air of faith and trust, the employees would be much more comfortable around you and will help you put in a good word for your services.

Strike Up Conversations

After developing an air of faith and trust amongst the employees, the next step would be to befriend them. Nobody likes to spend their time at work alone in seclusion. After work hours are over or during breaks, try to strike up conversations or small talk amongst the employees. This will make your job easier and more enjoyable by manifolds.

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Offer Help

Whenever you notice a customer is having a tough time navigating through the office building or finding a customer representative, always step up and offer help because at that time you are a pseudo-employee of the business and it is your job to represent the business in a kind way. These small gestures of kindness can help convert a lot more prospective customers into actual customers.

Problem Solver

Problems can arise at any moment in a business setting regardless of being with the customers or the employees. In such a case, it is the job of the security guard to mediate the problems as they arise if there is no authoritative figure available. Being an authority of law, safeguarding the peaceful environment of the business is one of the most important tasks of a security guard. They must be able to quickly assess the problem and become a mediator without taking any bias.

According to our experts here at Direct Guard Services, these are some of the few most important customer service traits that a security guard should possess. We train our security guard to be able to exhibit all these traits and to provide top-rated quality services to our clients.

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