Security Guard Services In San Bernardino, Ca.

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Security Guard Services In San Bernardino Ca

San Bernardino is amongst the biggest cities in California with an area of over 81 square miles and a population of 215,784. Known widely for California State University San Bernardino, San Bernardino is one of the most scenic and culturally rich cities in California.

Unfortunately,  in recent years, the rising crime rates in the city have caused a huge wave of concern amongst the residents. With one of the highest crime rates on the national average, it is no surprise that people would be worried about their safety. One of the best ways to guarantee your safety in San Bernardino is by hiring private security guard services.

There is a wide array of security guard services currently working in San Bernardino. With Direct Guard Services being one of the best amongst them. Boasting a large number of professionally trained individuals, DGS has been providing Top-rated Security guard services in San Bernardino since 2010.

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Why Do You Need Security Guards in San Bernardino, CA?

With the ever-rising crime rates, it is usually a good option to hire professional security guards in San Bernardino. With security services at Direct Guard Services, you can take care of the security of your homes, offices, warehouses, highrise buildings security, educational institutions security, and medical facilities.

Direct Guard Services strives to provide you with 24/7 dispatch services all over San Bernardino with security guards and mobile patrol services alert and ready to work. With fully licensed and trained officers, we will enable you to live your life in peace and harmony.

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What Services Do We Offer in San Bernardino?

We offer you a wide array of services all around San Bernardino which include but are not limited to:

24/7 Customer Support and Dispatch Services

We believe that crime waits for no one and can happen at any time and any place. With our 24/7 customer support services, our officers never sleep and are always ready to listen to you about your problems and help however they can. Our dispatch services are working around the clock and will get to you in time regardless of the time and place.

A Wide Array of Officers For All of Your Needs

At DGS we have professionally trained officers for every kind of situation you may be in. We provide you with:

  • Licensed and adequately trained armed officers
  • Vigilant unarmed officers
  • Fire watch officers
  • Mobile patrol services
  • Bodyguards for your personal security
  • Plain civilian clothed officers to provide security away from the gazes of watchful eyes

With a very versatile workforce that has been trained rigorously to handle each and every kind of situation, Direct Guard Services can help you take care of any problem that you may face in your personal or professional lives.

Monitoring and Reporting

Our security guards are extremely vigilant and take their jobs very seriously. They monitor the entire parameter of your home or businesses throughout the day with a very keen eye. With access to state of the art technology and emergency services like 911, our officers are the first to reach the area of the call and try their best to keep the situation under control while reporting to the respective authorities. Our officers are also trained in providing first aid services to any possible victims of the problems.

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Looking For Security Guard Services in San Bernardino, CA?

If you are looking for security guards or mobile patrol services in San Bernardino, come work with us at Direct guard services. Direct Guard Services has been a frontrunner in security services in California for almost a decade. With affordable prices and top-rated professional services, we ensure you quality service and complete satisfaction. Contact us now!

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