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How Security Guard Companies Make Your Safety Plan?
July 28, 2021
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August 12, 2021

Since unarmed security guards don’t carry weapons along, they are most underrated. But in reality, they carry more gear than any armed security guard.

If you are an unarmed guard going to join the duty very soon, this guide is for you. Below we have listed the items you or any unarmed guard necessitate to carry during the duty.

Scroll to the last to check the list & make sure that you carry all the items along when joining the duty.

Things Unarmed Security Guards Should Carry

Following are the items you should carry during duty hours.


The first on the list is Flashlight. For an unarmed security guard, stepping out of the house without a flashlight is not a safe move. You may think that this is an unnecessary item that will only consume space and nothing more. But little did you know, your service can be anything, like patrol, and if you have a flashlight, you can perform your duty effortlessly.

When you have to investigate a place secretly, a flashlight works as a life savior during the night. Evade using the Flashlight as a weapon unless you are asked to do so. Invest in high-quality security lights for long-lasting performance.

Security Guard Baton

The second foremost crucial thing is the security guard baton. Since you are an unarmed security guard, so carrying firearms/ weapons is not allowed for you. But to protect yourself and your surroundings, carry a baton with yourself.

Baton is a metallic rod with a handle used to control the crowd. The best part about a baton is you won’t even need to use it. People will automatically calm and control themselves by seeing the rod hanging with their belts. First, get training about using the baton professionally, then carry it along during duty time.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is another piece of equipment you have to bring with you during duty to protect yourself. Rest assured, the criminal and the enemies are going to attack you since you have no firearm. Pepper spray is secret self-protecting equipment that will save you from such situations.

The unarmed guards during the unarmed security service, but civilians are also allowed to carry pepper spray for self-protection. However, your state may have restricted the use of the spray. Better is to ask your department before using and carrying the spray.

Mini First-Aid Kit

Being an unarmed security guard, injuries are expected. Not particularly you, but everyone should carry a mini first-aid kit. You can use this kit on yourself or give it to anyone in the surroundings that need it. Your duty may be in some areas where you can’t find any first-aid product. Having this mini kit will save you time.

Walkie Talkie

To remain in touch with your department and inform them about the current situation, you must be a Walkie Talkie or simply a wireless phone. In general cases, the department provides wireless phones. If your department does not provide a wireless phone, then carry your cell phone during duty time.

Make a separate folder and save all the numbers of your department members in the phone book. Even better, set the numbers on the speed dial of your phone. Make sure to keep informing your department & in panic situations, first ask, then take any action.


The camera should be your all-time best friend when you are an unarmed security guard. Suppose you face any situation that makes you suspect a person. How will you record the scene and show shreds of evidence to your department? Of course, you need a digital camera.

The digital camera will aid you in saving shreds of evidence. This activity of yours will make your department realize that you are a responsible person who keeps an active eye on all the activities of the surroundings. Make sure to buy a high-resolution camera that shows crystal clear images. Even superior if the camera has video and audio recording options.

Security Guard Belt

Have you an idea how you will carry the things we mentioned above like, a first-aid kit, camera, baton, pepper spray, and Flashlight? Your pockets can contain all the items. It would help if you had something spacious, classy, and manageable.

All unarmed security guards should wear the security guard belt during their duty hours. The pockets on the belt are pretty manageable, making it effortless for you to take out things you necessitate in panic situations. Besides, the belt has some extra clips on which you can hang additional items.

With this, we hope you enjoyed reading the list of the items required for the unarmed security services. Make sure to give your feedback in the comment section below.

Take care!