The Importance of Security Guards for a Business
The Importance of Security Guards for a Business
April 13, 2020
Customer Service Traits That a Security Guard Should Always Have
Customer Service Traits That a Security Guard Should Always Have
June 13, 2020

In any kind of social setting, the security guards’ presence has a huge responsibility upon their shoulders. Not only do they need to ensure the safety of their clients, but also the safety of anyone that may be visiting their clients as a guest or customer.

A security guard is usually the first person to come in contact with danger and tries to resolve the problem. Like every profession, there are a certain set of attributes that the security guard must excel if they are hoping to be good at their job.  Every security company goes the extra mile to hire the best trained and moral officers that would be able to perform their jobs to the best of their capabilities, at Direct Guard Services are no different. Before hiring our officers, DGS performs extensive background checks and conducts a training protocol to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness, and only then picks out the most outstanding officers for our clients.

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Qualities Of A Great Security Guard

Every profession comes along with its own unique set of requirements and conditions. However, sometimes there are things you can do to take it one step further and stand out amongst the rest of your peers. Here are some qualities that you can quite easily develop to be the best in the business.

Honesty Is The best policy

Regardless of what your profession is, the number one rule every business should abide by is honesty.

We are all human beings and sometimes make mistakes. This holds true for security guards as well. Being responsible for the safety of your clients and their customers ,it’s important for the guard to always report honestly even if a mistake was made, because a simple mistake can turn into a disaster if left unattended. Being able to admit their mistakes by being honest, and trying their best to rectify the error is one of the most important qualities of a good security guard.

Appearance Maketh The Man

This may come off as a surprise, but the way a security guard dresses can also differentiate between a good and bad officer.

If an officer is lazy in the way he dresses, he won’t be taken seriously by clients or even the offenders. A well-dressed officer appears to be sharp and always vigilant. By dressing sharp you have an air of alertness around you that helps you send out a warning message to every possible offender that may be in the area. Physical appearance in itself is a deterrence for crime.

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A Charismatic Leader And Loyal Follower

A security guard is always seen on their own. Working in solidarity sometimes causes them to forget that they are part of a team.

A good security guard is a charismatic leader who knows when it is time to take matters into their own hand, and how to lead a team of officers to deal with the current situation. But, that’s not all. A  good officer must also be able to follow orders loyally when the time demands it . Safety and security are tough jobs to take upon yourself alone, if you learn how to work as a team then you can be a good security guard.

Communication Skills

Lasly, the most important skill that a security guard can have is the ability to communicate information effectively and efficiently.

Being able to keep the flow of information running between the team, client, and dispatch without letting it affect your job is probably one of the deciding factors while dealing with a problematic situation. A security officer should have the necessary skills to speak and write effectively so that he is able to produce accurate reports,  swiftly and concisely.

At Direct Guard Services, we take it upon ourselves to train our officers to be the very best on the field. With years of experience, and state of the art technology in our arsenal, we leave no corner unturned when it comes to the training of our officers. Providing you with the best security guard services in California, visit us today and learn more about what we can do for you.

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