Armed and Unarmed Security Guard Services in Riverside, Ca.

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November 13, 2019
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January 13, 2020

Top-Rated Security Guard Services in Riverside, Ca.

Riverside, also known as the “City of Arts and Innovations” is one of the most rapidly growing counties in California. As the population of the county rises by each passing day, so do the crime rates and security is becoming a major issue in Riverside, Ca. One of the best ways of eliminating these security risks is the employment of private security services in Riverside.

Private security guard services in Riverside CA help you in securing your personal, professional, or commercial properties and assets. DirectGuardServices has been working as a private security guard services provider in California since 2010 and has been ranked amongst one of the best security services companies. With units of highly skilled and trained officers, DirectGuardServices will provide you a complete security detail including armed guards, unarmed guards, mobile patrol units, and personal bodyguards, to meet all of your security needs.

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Our Services

We offer a wide array of security services in Riverside, including armed and unarmed security guards and mobile patrol services. All of our personnel are licensed and have been through elaborate training to be able to provide you with the best possible services.

We offer the following security services in Riverside:

Disturbance Handling

The security officers at DirectGuardServices are trained to secure the entire premises of your buildings including all of the nearby areas in case a disturbance occurs and they try to get the situation under control and report to the respective authorities about the occurrence. This will not only help your business avoid damages but also to create a generous image for your business in your surroundings.

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24/7 Dispatch Services

At Direct Guard Services, we don’t sleep so you can. We believe in providing 24 hours through the entirety of the week throughout Riverside, CA. We believe that security problems can arise at any moment of the day so we are on call and ready to receive a distress call and get on our way. Our officers will be the first to reach you and get the situation under control.

Medical Services

Our security officers are all trained to provide first aid medical services in case of an emergency. Whether it is a work injury or something much more severe, Direct Guard Services trains its officers to be able to provide swift and effective first aid medical procedures. A quick-reacting security officer could be the deciding factor in saving someone’s life.

Customer Service

Security guards are the first and last people a customer comes in contact with. At Direct Guard Services we train our officers to represent your company as a good employee. All of our officers are trained in many customer service skills that will help you convert more customers because our officers are equipped with the following skills:

  • Effective Communication
  • Assertiveness
  • Offering Guidance and Direction
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Problem Solving
  • Empathy
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Deterring Crime

Professionally dressed at all times, our security guards are an image of vigilance and determination. The physical appearance of a security guard is one of the biggest factors in crime deterrence. Being able to see a security officer live on the scene makes the offender contemplate the possibilities of all consequences that he may have to face. Physical security works much better at crime deterrence than any safety equipment or CCTV because of the fear of consequences being more apparent and realistic.

Looking For Security Services in Riverside, CA?

Direct Guard Services has been providing top-rated security services in California since 2010. With experience spanning over almost a decade, DGS is considered amongst the top security service companies in all of California. With the help of professional experts, training programs, and the most innovative technology (DirectTrack), we strive to provide the best services you can find at the most affordable prices. With a wide array of specialized departments, we will help you secure all your highrise buildings security, educational institutions security, financial institutions security, warehouses,  retail shopping centers security, and personal properties with the best quality services you can find.

Work together with us and let us help you move towards a better, brighter, and more secure future.

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